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Guiding Parents.

Guiding Parents

Tom McNair

SP & A Press

PO Box 1441, San Marcos, TX 78667

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"Guiding Parents Succeeding Children: Reflections On Raising children In 79 Articles By A Parent, Therapist, Teacher, Coach" by psychotherapist and newspaper columnist Tom McNair is the debut title in the new 'Your Mind and Heart' series designed to present sound advice, sage counsel, practical insights, and applicable information for parents seeking to maintain a traditional family life for themselves and their children. McNair underscores the causality connection between unfettered individualism and divorce, the deleterious impact of television and movies upon family life, issues of discipline, self-esteem, suicide, homework, sexual abuse, homosexuality, and the many stresses and demands placed upon contemporary families by the broader culture. "Guiding Parents Succeeding Children" is strongly recommended reading for anyone contemplating or engaged in the parenting of children in today's world.
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Title Annotation:Guiding Parents Succeeding Children: Reflections on Raising children in 79 Articles By a Parent, Therapist, Teacher, Coach
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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