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Guidelines for the Good Manufacturing and Handling of Modified Atmosphere Packed Food Products.

Known as their Technical Manual No. 32, this document was released to members last July but is now being made available more widely. This text was edited by members of their Modified Atmosphere Packaging Club.

As readers will be only too well aware, modified atmosphere packaging is now a popular technique for preserving certain foods and products. With it, the atmosphere surrounding the food or product is arranged to be different from that found in nature. Increased consumer demand for fresh, preservative-free foods has encouraged the use of this technique, which can also improve the product's image, reduce wastage and extend shelf-life. The commercialisation of this technique has become necessary because major retailers utilise centralised distribution systems and require the highest quality image for the products they sell.

With such interest in this technique, it is necessary to make sure it is always correctly applied and that any limitations are fully understood. Which is where this text comes in, because it sets out the 'rules'. Following a section giving background information, the headings for the main sections are: General recommendations for both chilled manufacture and handling operations; Recommendations for chilled manufacture; Recommendations for chilled storage and distribution; Recommendations for chilled retailing; Recommendations for chilled catering; and MAP food applications. The text features many tables, references to further reading and appendices to ensure the reader's full understanding of this technique.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Mar 1, 1993
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