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Guided Wave Techs Get Flameproof Certs.

Hawk Measurement Systems announced it received explosion-proof, flameproof and dust ignition-proof certification by FM Approvals for FM, FM Canada and ATEX standards. Applicable guided wave technologies supplied by the company include, for example, the Centurion Guided Radar, a continuous level measurement instrument. It sends a radar pulse down to a probe to measure either liquids, solids or a low-dielectric to high-dielectric interface level. The pulse hits the surface or interface and is reflected back up the probe to the sensor, where the transit time is translated into a distance using time of fight and time expansion. The amplitude of the reflection depends on the dielectric constant of the product. Adding to the existing IECEx rating, Hawk now covers all major market areas, the company reported.

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Publication:E&MJ - Engineering & Mining Journal
Date:Mar 1, 2019
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