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Guide to summer.

1 How to plan a group vacation without ruining any friendships

Lizzy Okpo, designer for William Okpo and Solange's BFF

Set a firm date. Say, "Guys, it doesn't matter if you can't take off work, we're going on this day." If you tell them they don't have an option, they make it work somehow.

Take turns organizing. We did the Turn-Up Teepee trip for New Years in Joshua Tree with maybe 20 of us. Solange and [video director] Melina Matsoukas organized it all. Solange is a Cancer and Melina is a Virgo, so that's two very organized people.

Use Airbnb. Know what you want going in. I like to stay in airy places that look like the jungle and feel friendly.

Divide the bill equally at the end of the trip. Have one person handle one section of the trip (snack, gas and tolls, hotels), save the receipts, and then split it all up.

Assemble a good mix of personalities. I can't imagine going on an all-girls trip; I would lose my brain. Having a guy there balances out the attitudes. You want calm, creative people.

The bigger the group, the shorter the trip. With a big group we always aim for three days, because after the third day everybody's ready to smack somebody. When it's a smaller group, it's more chill and relaxed and you can plan something a little longer.

Utilize the group text. For the Joshua Tree trip, we started a 15-person group text message. It was the funniest thread ever, with memes and GIFs. Someone dressed their dog up in heels and was like, "This is going to be me."

As told to Liz Raiss

2 How to sweat without losing your cool

Tinashe, singer

You just have to embrace sweat. It can make you feel like even more of a rockstar, or more of a hard worker. You just have to shift your perspective on it. Don't think, "I'm gross." Think, "I'm fucking fabulous right now." Sparkling!

When it's super hot out, it's all about the face and hair. I'll pull my hair back and wear it super sleek so that the roots don't get frizzy and my neck is bare. And I'll wear it curlier, as opposed to blown out. My hair is going to start curling up when I sweat, so I just embrace the curls. I go a little more natural with the makeup. You want to feel the sun; you don't want to feel all caked up in contour and blush. You can ease it off and show your freckles and skin.

When you're in the sun in these festival-type environments, it's really important to stay as cool as possible so you don't pass out or anything. Wear less clothes. Super, super, super hydrate. Especially if you've been drinking, it's important to double up on water.

Because I have such high-energy performances, I'm always going to sweat onstage. Offstage, I look forward to throwing on something that you don't have to think too much about. I love a good sundress. It's one piece, it's comfy, and it's cool. Wear tennis shoes, something you can run around and have fun in. Summer is all about being relaxed.

As told to Zara Golden

3 Ways to wear mules ...

Melisa Denizeri, design partner at Maryam Nassir Zadeh

It's nice to cover the front of your foot and expose your ankle and heel. It has an attractive look. Mules are very comfortable; you can walk in them. Just be careful going into parks, around grass and soil. Sidewalks are okay.

I wear mules with more slim pants. I like them with 501 Levi's because it's kind of casual but could also go a bit dressy. At night, change your day bag to a smaller evening bag and add a dressy, novel bomber jacket.

I also love them with a full, mid-calf length skirt. Definitely something that hits below the knee, and something that has a lot of volume. Mules add a lot of height, and exposing the lower calf and the ankle is an edgier look.

4 ... and mandals

Antwon, rapper

If you're gonna go on some formal stuff, do not wear sandals. I played a show in sandals once and it felt very weird. Sandals are perfect for chilling at the house or taking a plane or traveling. I usually wear them with tapered sweatpants.

Sometimes the barefoot sandal look is kinda weird, especially if you're not near the beach or water. When I wear sandals with shorts, I go for any kind of socks, but I like black ones that come up high. That's a very Northern California look.

As told to Liz Raiss

5 How to wear a swimsuit all day with no shame

@YesJulz, Miami party promoter and Snapchat star

As a curvy girl, I love high-waisted bikinis because they accentuate the hips and still cover your butt. I'm not a fan of super cheeky thongs. It's cooler to be sexy and leave a little to the imagination. If you really want to party and not worry about revealing everything, go with a sportier bathing suit--like a one-piece or a boy short and sports bra. That way you can dance, do cannonballs, do literally anything in your bathing suit. I like to start the day off pretty covered and then "unleash the dragon" at some point. A sheer cover-up or high-waisted skirt with your bikini top and sneakers, that's my go-to look. It's comfortable, cute, and not too sexy.

For the dudes, please do not wear socks to the beach or pool. If you're going to wear sneakers and you take the sneakers off, you have to take your socks off. Just wear Nike pool slides instead. No banana hammocks, under any circumstances. Nobody wants to see that. Also, do not wear basketball shorts that end up drooping over your boxer briefs. That's not a bathing suit. You need to wear real swim trunks in a comfortable length. If you don't want to let it all hang out, wear a short-sleeve button-down, with a fun print.

And to everyone, don't forget your sunglasses and confidence. There's nothing more attractive than a positive, exuberant personality. No matter what shape or size you are, if you're in the party talking to everyone, dancing and having a good time? That's sexy.

As told to Deidre Dyer

6 What to do when a shroom trip is going badly

Jes Aurelius, Destruction Unit

If you're starting to feel like a shroom trip's going bad, or if you're starting to get nervous, it's hard to not want to control it. But I've found that it's important to go into something like that with as few expectations as possible: letting it guide you, without you trying to guide it. Obviously, the setting is extremely important. I've had plenty of good times with groups or at parties or in public, but it all depends on your mindset, who you're with, and what kind of baggage or stress you're carrying. If you're not having a good time and it has something to do with the setting, try and remove yourself from that setting.

I've gotten to a point now where I enjoy shrooms more as a personal thing, and less as a social thing. It's like a therapy that you can't escape from. Like any kind of therapy, you have to face things and you have to confront things. It's not always beneficial to avoid that. I don't think there's a right or wrong way to trip. Once you have some experience, you learn to "go with it," and as bad of a time as you're having, you can at least try and take some positives from it. Having a bad trip is never a fun thing, but I've learned as much from bad trips as I have from good trips.

As told to Patrick D. McDermott

7 How to cash in on weed-trimming season

Hezekiah Allen, third-generation farmer and executive director of The Emerald Growers Association

California is the France of cannabis. We have a specific way of loving the plants, and very specific microclimates. During summer break, plants are growing. October to November is harvest season, when all of California is abuzz with the bounty of harvest.

It takes some resources to get here, so make sure everything is arranged in advance. Don't show up expecting that golden coins are raining from the sky, or without knowing someone in advance. A lot of the farming communities are pretty fed up with folks who show up with a sign that says "need work."

Some farms pay an hourly rate, in which case $20 an hour is sort of the standard. But you could make up to $35 or even $40 an hour if you are working on piecework and you are being paid by the pound, because the faster you work and the more diligent and focused you are, the more you can make at the end of the day.

Before starting, make sure you are going to get regular time off. I've heard of people who are expected to work for three weeks straight. There are some bad actors in the industry; it's an unregulated industry, so make sure it's legit. Right now, having some prior trimming or farming experience is usually a good thing if you're looking for work. Once our businesses are able to just advertise like any other business, I think there will be more secure pathways to entry-level positions for people who don't have experience.

The hardest part about trimming is sitting still for the entire workday. You pretty much have to sit and do it. The longer you work, the better the returns are. It's definitely monotonous work, but I've made some amazing friends spending three weeks sitting at a table, eight hours a day, with the same people. It's not easy, but for anyone who doesn't want a permanent job but wants some economic opportunity, it's a real good thing.

As told to Zara Golden

8 Popsicles that will get you drunk

Arley Marks, beverage director at Dimes in New York City

All recipes yield approximately 12 pops

Desert Flower Colada

1/2 ripe pineapple,
   with core removed
1 can coconut milk
6 large mint leaves
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 oz. lime juice
1 oz. agave syrup
4 oz. white rum
1 cup ice

Combine in blender until smooth
Pour into popsicle molds and
freeze for 1-2 hours.

Starlight Crush

3 peeled and cored apples,
  cut into chunks
8 oz. dry white wine
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. honey
1 cup ice
1 tablespoon marjoram

Finely chop marjoram. Combine
rest of ingredients in blender.
Stir in marjoram for color and
texture. Pour into popsicle molds
and freeze.

Bitter Red Bird

2 cups frozen red grapes
1 cup ice
1.5 oz. Aperol
1 oz. Plymouth gin
Juice of one grapefruit
.5 oz. simple syrup

Combine 1 cup grapes and rest
of ingredients in blender and blend
until smooth. Stir second cup
of whole grapes into blended
mixture. Pour into popsicle molds
and freeze.

9 Fancy cocktails you can make with snacks from the gas station

Michael Clancy, bar manager at The National in Athens, GA

El Condor Pasa

1.5 oz. pisco
1.5 oz. Starbucks Doubleshot
   Espresso & Cream
1 oz. dry vermouth
.5 oz. Fernet-Branca amaro
1 pack Lifesavers hard candy
1 splash Herbsaint
Chilled martini glass

Remove all the orange Lifesavers
from a pack and put them into the
pisco. Soak the candy for three
hours so you get an orange infusion
that's not too syrupy sweet.

After three hours, remove the
Lifesavers. Combine pisco, coffee
drink, vermouth, and Fernet, and
shake with ice until very cold.
Rinse inside of chilled martini
glass with Herbsaint and discard
leftover Herbsaint. Strain into
chilled glass.

Corner Store Pimm's Cup

2 oz. Pimms No. 1 Cup
.5 oz. Anchor Junipero gin
Arizona Iced Tea tall boy
Ginger ale of your choice
Lime cucumber Gatorade
Optional apple, Twizzlers
Collins glass

Fill a collins glass with ice. Add
Pimms and gin. Add ice to replace
any that may have melted with
the booze. Top with equal parts
iced tea, ginger ale, and Gatorade.
If your gas station happens to
have apples, garnish with an apple
slice. If not, no problem. Consider
using a Twizzler as a straw.

Nice & Easy

1.5 oz. Hayman's Old Tom gin
.5 oz. Lillet Blanc
.25 oz. Realemon lemon juice
  (the plastic yellow bottle that's
   shaped like a lemon)
2-3 dashes Angostora bitters
6-8 mint Mentos
Optional Miller High Life

Muddle mints in cocktail shaker.
Add all other ingredients and ice.
Shake until very cold. Strain into
rocks glass and add ice. Top with
soda water or Miller High Life.

10 How to say goodbye when summer is over

Andrew Field, founder of recently closed Rockaway Taco and the brand new Tacoway Beach

To me, Rockaway Beach has always been about finding this beautiful lifestyle away from the constant pressure of the city. This neighborhood has always been about transitions. Year after year, we've tried to extend our business season, which was really difficult with the way Rockaway Taco was exposed to the elements. The Rockaways are so much colder in the winter than Brooklyn or Manhattan. The neighborhood as a whole just hibernates, and eventually you have to pack it up. At the end of each summer, I suffer from postpartum. We go from that mad rush to absolute quiet. My new restaurant has an indoor setup, which makes us better suited to brave the cold.

During the off season, I've taken my crew on a trip to Oaxaca the last few years, just to get away and kind of find our own summer. For those who can do it, moving to warmer climates at the end of summer is definitely the magic option. I am so lucky to have that.

Those post-summer blues really bring on the nostalgia. Thankfully, with food, you get to play with nostalgia. The right meal will make you remember those old memories. It's like your mom makes the best lasagna, and anytime you make lasagna, you remember those feelings. It's comforting to revisit that food again. In that sense, it can always be summer.

As told to Deidre Dyer

11 How to deal with post-festival blues

Jonathan Mayers, co-founder of SuperFly, the production company behind Bonnaroo

There is so much buildup and tension and excitement around what happens over a few days at a festival. It's intense, you know? I try not to allow myself to get crazy, super-high emotionally because of that effect of feeling depressed after. It's best to stay even-keeled through the highs and lows. You have to put as much value and joy into the process of getting ready for the event as the event itself.

We draw inspiration from these festivals and experiences. Hopefully, you bring that positive energy to your day-to-day life. At Bonnaroo, you're camped out for four days, and your neighbor is someone from the opposite side of the country who has different political beliefs, comes from a different socioeconomic background, but you're bonding over great music and having a good time. Bringing that back into your day-to-day life can be a very powerful thing. The way that you might discover a new favorite band and maybe become more open-minded? Hopefully that attitude is not just limited to music, and becomes a part of your normal life.

As told to Noah Yoo
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