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Guide dog for deaf takes 1st flight in Japan.

NAGANO, Japan, Aug. 28 Kyodo

A companion dog for deaf people flew with its owner Tuesday from Matsumoto airport in Nagano Prefecture to Osaka, the first time such a dog has taken a flight in Japan, the nonprofit organization (NPO) which trained the dog said.

Kayo, a two and a half year-old female, had been trained since last September and became companion to 49-year-old Hikaru Takuwa, a housewife from Chiba Prefecture, at the end of last December, said the Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in Miyata, Nagano Prefecture.

Kayo and Takuwa boarded the plane after Kayo passed onboard tests at Matsumoto airport on Thursday and Friday.

The two then flew on from Osaka to Haneda airport, close to Takuwa's home in Chiba. There is no direct flight from Matsumoto to Haneda.
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Publication:Japan Transportation Scan
Date:Sep 3, 2001
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