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Guidance Division Awards, 2001 Convention. (Division Report: Guidance).

Membership Award--Utah

The ACTE Guidance Division Membership Award is presented to the state that has had the greatest percentage increase in membership in the Guidance Division.

Career Guidance Professional of the Year Award--Deb Rippy, State Department of Education, Boise, Idaho

The Guidance Division Career Guidance Professional of the Year Award recognizes a career guidance professional for outstanding work in career counseling and guidance at the secondary level or postsecondary and adult level. The recipient must be a current member of the ACTE Guidance Division and a practicing career guidance professional.

Service Award--Beth Bronkar, Career Development Coordinator, Licking County JVC, Zanesville, Ohio

The Service Award recognizes an individual for outstanding commitment and service to increasing professionalism in the career guidance and counseling field. The recipient must be an active member of the Guidance Division and an educator for a significant part of a professional career.

Friends of Guidance Award--Carol Dahir, Counselor Education, New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, N.Y.

The Friends of Guidance Award recognizes an individual, group, or organization that has made significant contributions to the advancement of career guidance and counseling during the year.

The ACTE Guidance Division had a special treat at one of the sessions at the 2001 ACTE Convention in New Orleans. Dr. Kenneth B. Hoyt, Distinguished Professor, Counseling and Educational Psychology, Kansas State University, Manhattan, presented with Dr. Jim Maxey, ACT, in a session called "Counseling for High Skills." Dr. Hoyt told the group at his session that he began as a guidance counselor in 1948 and has always recognized the need for guidance counselors to work with all students.

Dr. Hoyt referred to his most recent contribution to counseling and guidance literature as the foundation for his presentation. It became apparent to me during Dr. Hoyt's presentation that the article, "Helping High School Students Broaden Their Knowledge of Postsecondary Options" (Professional School Counseling, 5:1, October 2001), is one all guidance and career development professionals need to read. Dr. Hoyt states, "Postsecondary career-oriented education at the sub-baccalaureate level is currently growing at a faster rate than any other educational level."

Dr. Hoyt concludes that the data presented in his article make it clear that, "It would be poor reasoning to assume the `best' path every high school graduate could follow is to seek a bachelor's degree. The sacred right of every student to make his or her own life choices must always be the top concern of the school guidance counselor. To protect that right, students must be helped to make what, for them, are reasoned, reasonable choices. This should be a top priority for both their counselors and their parents."

ACTE Division vice presidents and committee members are responsible for Division Report content. Judy Petersen is the vice president and Judy Whitaker is the Editorial and Publications Committee representative for the Guidance Division.
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