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Guest Editors' Note.

As guest editors, we are pleased to introduce this special issue on writing centers and transfer of learning. Transfer is generally defined as students' ability to adapt, apply, or remix prior knowledge and skills in new contexts, including educational, civic, personal, and professional (Driscoll, "Connected, Disconnected" Across the Disciplines vol. 8, no. 2, 2011). Scholars recognize transfer to be critically important to writing centers' work in helping students transfer writing knowledge and in preparing tutors for their future professions. We are delighted to explore how transfer is vital to centers.

Two articles in this issue focus on tutor education with the goal of cultivating transfer for students. Jody Cardinal examines how experienced tutors use "transfer talk," helping students connect current writing tasks to prior and future writing. Margaret Stahr and Susan Hahn discuss tutor education for transfer: what reading to assign, when tutors should focus on transfer during tutorials, how to help students identify similarities among assignments, and how students' dispositions affect transfer.

The final two articles consider how writing center work can offer professional benefits beyond the center. Brent Weaver examines how tutors' work shapes their classroom teaching and reports that while not all writing center expertise easily transfers to classrooms, participants felt theirs helped them as teachers. Finally, Carol Severino reflects on what transfers from working with college students in a writing center to helping first-graders with their compositions. As you read, we invite you to consider how transfer of learning informs writing center practices and how your own tutor education and outreach may foster transferable skills. We would like to thank Rebecca Nowacek and Jennifer Wells, who were anonymous reviewers for this issue. We also note that WLN's website hopes to host a peer-reviewed, open-access, digital edited collection "Transfer in the Writing Center," that will extend the work of this special issue.



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Author:Devet, Bonnie; Driscoll, Dana Lynn
Publication:WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Sep 1, 2018
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