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Gubernatorial candidate calls for state-wide single-can beer ban.

Gubernatorial candidate calls for state-wide single-can beer ban

Iowa's Democratic candidate for governor Don Avenson is calling for an end to the carry-out sales of single cans of beer, saying it is an invitation to drink and drive.

"I don't think that there's any question that when you sell single cans of beer you're not selling that for somebody to take in a bag and take home and put in a refrigerator," said Avenson. "When you have single cans, you know what that's meant for. It's meant to drink on the way home."

In addition, Avenson said bartenders should be licensed and trained to spot customers who've had too much to drink, as well as handle them when that happens.

Single cans of beer are a staple in convenience stores across the state, though drinking a beer while driving is illegal.

"It's probably meant to be drank in the car on the way home," Avenson said. "To outlaw single-can beer sales could be something that prevents drinking in cars."

Avenson stopped short of pushing for a ban on all cold beer sales, but conceded: "I wouldn't be terribly upset about that. It doesn't take you long to cool a six-pack."

The notion of licensing bartenders makes sense, he said, because that would assure they have some training in dealing with those who have had too much to drink.

"I think that, for instance, licensing bartenders - have a licensed bartender on the premises, somebody who has been trained to notice the problems of drunks and to deal with drunks who want too much - is a good idea."

Avenson said he's willing to consider tougher drunken driving laws but said lowering blood alcohol levels is a poor way of combating drunken drivers.

"I'm willing to go beyond that," said Avenson. "I'm willing to say, for instance, that the sale of single cans of beer in Quik Trips and places like that probably isn't meant for somebody to take home and put in the refrigerator. You're not going to drink that at home."

Selling other kinds of cold beer is a less obvious invitation to drink and drive, he said.

"People go and buy cold six-packs to take to a ballpark or take to a picnic," said Avenson. "It's not as obvious that you're going to take a cold six-pack out into the car and drink that in the car. When you buy a cold single can everybody knows that."
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Title Annotation:Iowa candidate Don Avenson
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 28, 1990
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