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Guatemala: Burden of Paradise.

Guatemala: Burden of Paradise, written by Duncan Green, paintings by John Keane, is an "account of the first visit of the Association of Artists for Guatemala, 1992" (5.99 [pounds], published by AAG and the Latin America Bureau, 1 Amwell St., London EC1R 1UL).

The book is handsome, the paintings striking, the text enlightening. Jessye Norman writes in her introduction:

Guatemala is a rich and beautiful country, a paradise in which no one need be poor or hungry. Yet the majority of the people, 60 percent of whom are Mayan Indians, live in miserable poverty and in daily fear of their lives. Ever since the Spanish arrived there almost 500 years ago, followed by colonizers from all over Europe, they have suffered deprivation and death on a colossal scale.

They have been disinherited; pushed out and marginalized in a land which, traditionally, they have tilled and cared for only with the greatest respect. Those who attempt to protest this treatment are murdered.
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Date:May 7, 1993
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