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Guangyang Electronic Information Products Research and Development Project.

Project start date: 2014

Project Value (USD): 240 million dollars

Capacity: 340000 square meter

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Phase: Planning

The project is located in Langfang Guangyang Economic Development Zone in Hebei, covering an area of 550 mu, with a total construction of 340000 square meters. Standard reinforced concrete frame factory, product research and development center, office buildings, dormitories and other affiliated facilities will be built.

Investment Estimate and Financing Source: With a total investment of 240 million dollars

Market Analysis: The Electronic information industry is one of the most rapid growth industry in China, and its standing in the Chinese economic community has rised persistently. The electronic information industry continues to keep the developmental momentum of 15 to 20% in Beijing and Tianjin, and is quite competitive in communication equipments, electronic components, computer manufacturing etc. As a junction city between Beijing and Tianjin, the production cost advantage and location advantages have made Langfang become a newly emerging indutrial base.

Construction Conditions:Langfang Guangyang Economic Development Zone is located in southeast Langfang.The goods yard of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway and the Langfang Exit of Jing-Jin-Tang Express Way are near at hand. The unique geographical advantage, 40 kilometers away from Beijing, 60 kilometers from Tianjin, 70 kilometers to Beijing International Airport and Tianjin Airport, 100 kilometers from Tianjin Port, makes it possible to develop economy supported by central cities, air harbour and seaport.

Economic Benefit Analysis: This project is able to bring about yearly sales income 2 billion yuan, with profit 450 million yuan, the investment rate is 22.5% and the investment capital can be recovered in 4.44 years.

country :China

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Jul 22, 2014
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