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Grylls, Bear: Mud, Sweat and Tears.

GRYLLS, Bear Mud, Sweat and Tears Corgi, 2012 341pp pbk $16.95 ISBN 9780552566391 SCIS 1561883

From a very early age, Bear was a daredevil and risk-taker, especially fond of climbing tall structures. Sent to boarding school from the age of 8, Bear had to cope with loneliness and bullying. He took up aikido as defence and eventually become one of the youngest second dan black belts in the country. The strong family history of military men may have been influential on his goal to join the SAS, but it could also have been his extreme love of adventure and a strong sense of physicality. Even when a parachuting accident finished his SAS career, Bear's idea of successful rehabilitation was to aim to successfully climbing Mt Everest--which he did in 1998. The story finishes with a brief chapter on Bear's TV series and his mentor role as Chief Scout.

Fans of Bear's television series will not be disappointed with this book--it oozes with energy and passion, grit and determination. The events he describes require astonishing physical and mental strength, and the risk-taking makes compelling reading. Over it all is layered Bear's Christianity and love for friends and family. For vicarious adventuring, this is the story to read.

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Author:Harvey, Pam
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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