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Fewer restrictions on organ donation increase transplant rates but may cause poorer outcomes, study finds. May 30, 2004 652
Scarcity of donor hearts encouraged "gaming" waiting list, new study alleges. Apr 16, 2004 834
Many centers performing Medicare-approved heart transplants fail to meet minimum standards-OIG. Apr 16, 2004 405
Organ transplants for AIDS patients becoming more common; reflects better prognosis for the once deadly disease. Mar 29, 2004 631
Modified kidney allocation policy on pace to increase number of minorities receiving transplants by 7%. Feb 16, 2004 762
Diabetics receiving pancreas transplants have slightly lower survival rates than those on conventional therapy. Dec 15, 2003 962
Experimental immunosuppressant shows promise of preventing organ rejection with fewer side effects. Nov 15, 2003 629
Bush policy a barrier to advances in human embryonic stem cell research, say scientists and some in Congress. May 30, 2003 1390
Cost of left ventricular device implants comparable to heart, liver transplant, analysis finds. Nov 27, 2002 332
Scientists create cloned cows that produce human antibodies. Brief Article Aug 26, 2002 369
Relaxed selection process for heart donors, increased use of NHBDs could substantially increase donors. Brief Article Aug 12, 2002 610
US donor pool stabilizes but less than half become donors, minority consent continues to lag, study finds. Brief Article Jul 27, 2002 420
Recovery by recipient of world's first self-contained artificial heart implant surpassing expectations. Brief Article Jul 13, 2001 848
Higher level of embryo testing raises questions about possibility of creating "designer babies". Brief Article Jun 30, 2001 672
Organ trade reportedly flourishing in Turkey, Eastern European countries. Brief Article Apr 30, 2001 482
Adult stem cells source of revolutionary new treatment for heart attack patients, three new studies find. Statistical Data Included Apr 13, 2001 1128
Death ends drama of Canadian infant who got living liver transplant in US where stranger donor was no stranger. Brief Article Apr 13, 2001 878
Wilmut says scientific developments since Dolly was created 4 years ago do not support cloning human beings. Brief Article Mar 30, 2001 527
OPOs often engage in unpredictable, sometimes illegal practices when seeking donor consent, NIH study finds. Jan 31, 2001 747
First genetically modified monkey thriving, may hold promise for medical advances in humans, researchers say. Brief Article Jan 16, 2001 723
Increased graft survival of HLA-matched kidney transplants supports national sharing, study finds. Brief Article Oct 24, 2000 707
UK poised to pass legislation to become first country in world to permit some form of human cloning. Brief Article Aug 28, 2000 1562
Mexican girl's death while waiting for a transplant in US sparks debate over foreign national transplant policy. Brief Article Aug 28, 2000 729
Scientists successfully transplant bioengineered corneal stem cells into vision impaired patients. Brief Article Jul 29, 2000 1017
FBI, Congressional subcommittee investigating if Kansas City clinic violated federal laws in removing and marketing tissue from aborted fetuses. Brief Article Apr 10, 2000 1133
Texas company offering to store DNA from dying pets for future cloning. Brief Article Mar 27, 2000 829
Study finding HDC+SCT does not improve survival for women with breast cancer disputed by researcher. Brief Article Mar 13, 2000 650

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