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Gruevski raises dilemmas about new partnerships.

Difficult dilemmas have been raised by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in his first interview this year in which he clearly states that slim are the chances for Macedonia to be invited to join NATO at the summit in Chicago, from which all have big expectations, Kapital comments.

The realism upon which the prime minister based his stances indicates also a possibility of having the recommendation from the European Commission taken away. With these two "somber" forecasts, Gruevski raised the dilemma of where he would lead the country in the coming period if, as he says, the European Union announces a possibility of taking us a step back, while the game with NATO he says was like the definition of love "the faster you chase it the faster it escapes you."

These messages of the Macedonian prime minister imposed the search for the answer of whether this means that the Government is renouncing its strategic priorities for membership of these two international organizations under the pressure of, as Gruevski himself says, the Golgotha the country faced on this path.

The comments of the public are diverse. The opposition accused the prime minister of capitulation and public demonstration of incapacity to integrate Macedonia although he promised the integration in his election program.

"The prime minister should be resolving problems rather than complain how hard it is for him. It is a big mistake to concede capitulation few months before the Summit of NATO," said SDSM Secretary General Andrej Petrov.

Government sources too commented for Kapital Thursday on the interpretations and dilemmas that appeared in the public following the prime minister's interview. They deny that his statement stands for capitulation. They explain Gruevski was only being honest.

"Gruevski has never said he has given up. He never gives up anything. In cooperation with his partners, allies and supporters he is working hard and as much as possible on attaining the supreme foreign policy interests. But no one can expect him not to be honest and to tell people that the problem would be resolved in 2-3 months while letting 20 years pass instead. He bases his career from the very beginning on sincerity and honesty to the citizens and the interests of the country, as well as on telling things for what they are rather than on twisting them," government officials say.

Experts too believe that the prime minister was honest and welcome his decision "to open his heart" and talk openly about the whole problem troubling the country.

Until now I have seen hesitation with the political leadership over whether the real situation should be explicitly discussed. The treatment is still missing but finally the diagnosis is right: law and justice can help but cannot solve problems. The problem is solved through diplomacy and compromise," says former Foreign Minister Denko Maleski.

Sincere and realistic are the prime minister's forecasts, according to Professor Dimitar Mircev too. He says that the name issue will not be resolved any time soon.

"The replies of Papademos and Samaras revealed there is no disposition for resolving the dispute and there are no signs either that the Greek position could change. It remains to be seen what the meeting with mediator Nimetz would produce. We all want the meeting to create a positive impulse," Mircev says.

The expectations for a major outcome from this meeting were reduced to minimum on Thursday when government officials told Kapital that Nimetz was not going to table any proposal.
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Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Jan 13, 2012
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