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Gruevski and the Brezhnev syndrome.

SDSM analyst Ivor Mickovski comments for Utrinski vesnik that Macedonia is today in a situation that is known in history as the "Brezhnev stagnation." This, in Mickovski's view, was an epoch of political paralysis, inactivity, political passiveness, that only contributed to the inefficiency of the Soviet system in confronting the real political and economic challenges of that period. This is a period when the alleged reforms only serve to produce government advertisement s where Macedonia stagnates in all possible fields. A country where justice no longer exists, where independent judiciary does not exist, where a job can only be found with a partisan booklet, where the safety of the ordinary citizens is imperiled every day, where the government is the biggest spender and biggest criminal, Mickovski comments.
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Publication:Opinion Piece in Macedonian Press
Date:Oct 31, 2011
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