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Gruevski: we are waiting for Nimetz's next move.

There is nothing new regarding the name issue. Mediator Matthew Nimetz is active, had contacts with both parties and we are waiting for his next move, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski Thursday. He underlined that Macedonia was constantly active in the process and in all the activities initiated by the mediator.

"Whether there is some special round of talks, a visit from Nimetz or a special event, I cannot predict because he knows best. Anyhow, Nimetz keeps the pace of contacts, communication and consultations. What happens next depends on him," Gruevski said.

The prime minister considers the accusations from the opposition that the authorities keep obstructing the European integration of the country as being a result of a lack of arguments.

He said that last year for the first time Macedonia succeeded in receiving a positive report with a recommendation to commence the final negotiations for joining the Union.

"A country that is not interested in joining the EU is not working so hard to receive a positive report and a recommendation for opening membership negotiations. You know that the obstacle came from Greece and that we are focused on that problem," Gruevski said.

He mentioned also the EU-related laws that have been adopted and other activities carried out in order to promote the European integration. It was this Government together with the other institutions that managed to meet all the conditions for visa liberalization, which is one of the steps toward Europeanization of the country, he said.

Gruevski denied Thursday that the latest employment of members of non-Macedonian ethnic groups in the administration is a result of a party agreement with the coalition partner BDI and repeated that it was only implementation of the Framework Agreement. He informed that certain modifications had already been prepared to improve the employment system in accordance with the Framework Agreement, whose faults had been pointed out.
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Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Aug 20, 2010
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