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Gruevski: we are going to work on standard & Poor's remarks.

Prime Minister Gruevski accepted the evaluation of the rating agency Standard & Poor's and added that the Government was going to work on their remarks. Following the harsh reaction from the Ministry of Finance to the report of the rating agency in which Macedonia's credit rating is lowered, Prime Minister Gruevski said that some of the recommendations would be accepted and the Government would make effort to make expenditures as productive as possible in the future.

"Every country has situations when investments need to be made in things related to its statehood. We are going to make effort to make sure investments in the future are as productive as possible," he said.

In view of the demands that businessmen set, he said they would be thoroughly considered. He also reproached the business community for not being active enough in searching for new markets. In his view, the market needs to expand toward Asia, Africa and America considering the European market is still in a crisis.

"Attempts need to be made since passiveness is not going to bring anything good. There are of course exceptions yet I am referring to the majority. Businessmen should be proactive for I have seen what businessmen in other countries do," the prime minister said.

Although there are positive impulses, full recovery of the Macedonian economy is expected once the European industry livens up. However, Prime Minister Gruevski is optimistic. In his view, revenues are collected as projected and the budget will be fully executed.
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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:May 28, 2013
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