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Alternatives to botanical EFSA health claims: companies find new ways to innovate without formally approved claims. Apr 1, 2017 835
The gut microbiome: a personal matter: nutrigenetics is an exciting and emerging field for nutritionists, and could open up many opportunities for new product development. Sep 1, 2016 845
Overweight vs. malnutrition: vitamin D deficiency (not just) in Europe: global deficiency of essential nutrients presents a prime opportunity for the supplement market. Jun 1, 2016 810
New guidance for stakeholders on health claim applications: EFSA's general scientific guidance explains scientific principles for evaluating claims. Apr 1, 2016 812
Revised novel food regulation: changes & opportunities: new regulation significantly shortens the time required for novel food authorizations and facilitates market entry for non-EU traditional foods. Jan 1, 2016 948
Personalized nutrition: opportunities in all food categories: companies are targeting specific consumer groups based on their varying nutritional needs. Nov 1, 2015 828
Foods for Special Medical Purposes: new draft guideline published: new guidance strengthens the category by clarifying product requirements, but questions remain. Sep 1, 2015 1105
Clinical trials for health products: a European situation report: understanding varying regulations and clinical study standards will help companies create unique selling points for their products. Clinical report Jun 1, 2015 899
Bringing U.S. nutraceutical products to the EU market: in developing an effective launch strategy, companies should consider various regulations, sales channels and more. Apr 1, 2015 972
Foods for special medical purposes: an end to the confusion? the EU Commission plans to revise current legislation to clarify which foods fall within this category. Jan 1, 2015 905
A stalled situation for botanicals in Europe: harmonization still seems a long way off due to strong national interests. Nov 1, 2014 968
Carbohydrates & health: a European view on obesity: how can industry help consumers address this serious and growing problem? Sep 1, 2014 805
Upcoming changes to medical device regulation: many Class IIa, IIb and Class III medical devices may lose this status with new revisions. Jun 1, 2014 916
Health claim approved: still not out of the woods: EFSA approval may only be the first hurdle on track to using a health claim across the EU. Apr 1, 2014 827
The end of botanical supplements in the UK: lack of clarity regarding what constitutes an unregistered herbal medicine vs. a legal botanical food supplement may jeopardize legitimate products. Jan 1, 2014 878
Notes on novel foods: safety assessments are essential for manufacturers in order to market new ingredients successfully. Nov 1, 2013 853
European health claim regulation: unifying the EU? Absence of guidance regarding the regulatory status of botanicals continues to leave industry questions unanswered. Sep 1, 2013 948
Devising innovative products without Health Claims: there are many ways to innovate product lines or to develop a completely new product within the restrictions of the Health Claims Directive. Jun 1, 2013 835
European health claims: the first consequences: with certain products becoming unmarketable due to illegal label claims, and watchdog authorities beginning to enforce the law, manufacturers will have to adapt. Apr 1, 2013 810
European Health Claim Regulation takes effect: limits placed on claims for foods and supplements, as well as many sports nutrition products. Jan 1, 2013 826
European health claim evaluations for botanicals on hold: old products can continue to use health claims until the situation for botanicals is resolved, but what about new products? Nov 1, 2012 778
Sports nutrition 'slaughterfest': recent articles and the Olympics have put a spotlight on sports nutrition products. Sep 1, 2012 796
Product labeling & social media: exercise caution when combining product marketing with social media. Jun 1, 2012 631
Between food & pharma: new product development in an age of strict regulation relies heavily on consumer awareness. Apr 1, 2012 674
Unhealthy food tax: a viable solution? Would taxation help consumers change their unhealthy eating habits, or would they simply circumvent the added cost? Jan 1, 2012 815
Europe vs. North America: differences between these regions often influence the acceptance or rejection of foods, dietary ingredients and supplements. Nov 1, 2011 653
The silver lining in Europe's claim regulations: there are plenty of ways to get the most out of article 13.1 claims. Sep 1, 2011 852
Chronic inflammation: pursuing biomarkers of inflammation might create new stories for old nutrients. Jun 1, 2011 758
More issues with the European health claim regulation: EFSA makes some decisions that make companies go 'huh?'. Apr 1, 2011 861
EU health claims update: EFSA has issued more rejections for the latest batch of generic claims. Jan 1, 2011 996
Novel food regulation: finding loopholes in the current regulations could prove advantageous to manufacturers ... at least for now. Nov 1, 2010 896
European health claims & glucosamine: this case study proves it is worth fighting back against health claim rejections. Sep 1, 2010 658
New trends in nutricosmetics: while small in size, the market is growing faster than most established categories. Jun 1, 2010 804
Claims & clinicals; Do your clinical trials meet EFSA's health claim standards? Apr 1, 2010 663
Ethnic botanicals: a growing trend: exotic botanicals with historical tradition offer significant potential for product development. Jan 1, 2010 709
A changing health claim landscape: the European regulatory system will force many existing products to drop health claims from their labels and other advertising. Nov 1, 2009 1009
Sustainability in the food industry: more than half of consumers heavily consider sustainability when buying products. Sep 1, 2009 858
'Spicing' up nutraceutical applications: new science continues to emerge in support of old spices. Jun 1, 2009 834
The world of natural ingredients: The trend away from artificial ingredients and toward exotic ingredients has fueled demand for natural ingredients. Editorial Apr 1, 2009 930
Harsh health claim standards? What does your company need to know in order to get a health claim through the approval process? Jan 1, 2009 837
Supplements & functional foods in Europe: what a difference a decade makes in the EU. Nov 1, 2008 1454
The new health claims process; In its first round of evaluations, EFSA refuses eight of nine health claim submissions. Nov 1, 2008 533
Western Europe: a harmonized market offers new opportunities. Nov 1, 2008 1352
The growth of green tea; This is a healthy market showing no signs of slowing down. Sep 1, 2008 771
The global herbs & botanicals market; Herbs and botanicals are currently showing the most potential in functional foods and cosmeceuticals. Industry overview Jul 1, 2008 4455
Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products; Opportunities abound for international herbal products to come to the European markets. Jun 1, 2008 682
Proprietary food claims: new regulations favor innovation. Apr 1, 2008 846
Functional beverage trends: the U.K., France and Germany continue to lead the pack in terms of product introductions. Jan 1, 2008 763
Beauty foods: you are what you eat; Foods that make consumers beautiful can already be found in their local grocery stores. Nov 1, 2007 646
Functional confectionery: a European perspective; There are plenty of nutraceutical ingredients that could find their way into functional confectionery products. Sep 1, 2007 1106
Beauty foods & cosmeceuticals: alive and well in Europe; Analyzing the active ingredients, claims and science behind some of market's leading cosmeceutical and beauty food formulations. Sep 1, 2007 2091
The new world of claims: science can take a product from substantiation to meaningful market application. Jun 1, 2007 801
Regulation renovation: new European regulations on nutrition and health claims will likely make differentiation difficult and investment necessary. Jan 1, 2007 1313
Beauty from the inside--out: claims versus science in cosmeceuticals and beauty foods. Nov 1, 2006 1379
Medical devices? New regulatory opportunities abound for drugs and supplements in Europe. Sep 1, 2006 969
Novel Food regulation: everything you need to know before exporting your product to Europe. Jun 1, 2006 877
Welcome back kava? Recent toxicological studies confirm the safety of kava, which may pave the way for its return to European markets. Apr 1, 2006 823
Hoodia: business opportunity or dangerous business? Hoodia has become a hot botanical internationally, primarily because its role in weight loss, but will that market go boom or bust? Sep 1, 2005 942
Garlic revival: according to growing evidence of its heart health benefits, garlic may be ready for a comeback and a health claim. Jun 1, 2005 651
Safety & efficacy of kava re-confirmed: recent conference calls for the removal of all kava restrictions, with a WTO trade dispute possible. Apr 1, 2005 621
The European herbal market is growing again: herbals have struggled on the European scene over the last few years but growth is finally on the rise again. Nov 1, 2004 811
EU market changes: challenges & opportunities; Companies must understand the changing landscape for supplements and herbs in the EU. Apr 1, 2004 648
Rebuilding the market: more clinical trials are needed to stimulate growth. Sep 1, 2003 693
Proprietary soy products from Europe: an examination of the science behind two soy products from Nutri Pharma. Jan 1, 2003 786
Plant-based ingredients for functional foods: functional foods present great opportunties through innovative ingredients and applications. (Eurotrends). Nov 1, 2002 487
HRT alternatives: examining successful products in Europe that could have a place in the U.S. market. (Eurotrends). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 687
The future of herbal medicines in Europe: the impact of legislation on the herbal market. (Eurotrends). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 610

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