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Groz-BeckertA(r) Card clothing for short staple applications.

Groz-Beckert is one of the leading providers of products and services for knitting, weaving, felting, tufting, carding and sewing. In the product group Carding, a wide range of tools and services relating to all aspects of carding are available. This article highlights the card clothing products for the short-staple spinning industry.


The sayings used among experts "the card is the heart of a spinning mill" and "well carded is half spun" highlight the importance of carding for the final spinning result and the quality of the yarn produced. In addition to the revolving flat card, the tools in the revolving flat card - the card clothing - also play a key role. They are responsible for the gentle separation of the fiber tufts, through to the individual fibers and bringing them together to create a thin web

Card Clothing Range

Groz-Beckert Carding offers a complete range of high-quality products for carding in the short-staple spinning industry. The selection includes all metallic card clothing, from the blowroom to the revolving flat card, and covers the cylinder, doffer, licker-in and stripping roller wires, as well as revolving tops, stationary flats and cleaning fillets. It is important to highlight that GrozBeckert Carding has the experience and the technical knowledge to choose the best card clothing to suit the customer requirements.

Licker-in wires

Groz Beckert offers interlocked lickerin wires, as well as licker-in wires for grooved rollers. Grooved licker-ins are mostly used on older cards. The front angle is dictated by the application and fiber types being processed. Grooved licker-ins are available in several rib thicknesses to suit the grooved roller on particular card types.

The more modern, high-speed cards are utilizing interlocking type licker-in designs. The specification for interlocking licker-in is in most cases card specific in this context.

Cylinder wires

The cylinder wire takes over the fibers from the licker-in and is responsible for the main carding action with the revolving tops. The heights 1.8 mm and 2.0 mm are usually used for processing cotton or cotton blends, while the height 2.5 mm is usually recommended for synthetic fibers. In order to fulfill the customer requirements in terms of yarn quality (taking into account the fiber type, fiber quality and carding performance), Groz-Beckert offers rib sizes from 0.38 mm for a wide range of applications and different working angles, through to special card clothing geometries.

Doffer wires

The quality of the doffer wire, in conjunction with precise settings, determines the correct function of the fiber take-up from the cylinder to the doffer. The higher the production rate, the more important the function of the doffer wire. Most card models use standard doffer wires with a height of 4.00 mm and a working angle of 30Adeg. Doffer wires with a height of 3.70 mm and 4.70 mm, as well as curved doffers, complete the portfolio. One special card clothing is the patented doffer wire D40-30-31ES CBF, which makes the fiber take-up and control significantly easier.

Revolving tops

The revolving tops play a key role in the quality of the carding process and, ultimately, the yarn quality. Product quality and quality assurance are top priority in the manufacture of revolving tops. For example, a stable and consistent setting pattern and consistent sidegrinding and backing-off of the teeth to achieve optimum tooth shape are some of the additional features of the high-end revolving tops.

Stationary flats

The stationary flats support the revolving tops and also protect it from overloading by opening the fiber tufts before they enter the revolving top area. Choosing the correct stationary flat type and stationary flat quality for every application is key here. As an option for the attractive and proven Duratech steel quality, Groz-Beckert also offers the entire range of stationary flats in Ultra steel quality - with improved wear resistance for a longer lifetime. Stationary flats have a major impact on the lifetime of cylinder card clothing and revolving tops.

Cleaning fillets

Groz-Beckert offers low-speed- and high-speed top cleaning fillets and doffer cleaning fillets suitable for all card types. All cleaning fillets are nickel-plated as standard and offer high, long-lasting flexibility. This is essential for long service life.

Other products

Groz Beckert also provides blowroom and other ancillary wires as well as Card clothing maintenance solutions. The quality of the card clothing is key for ensuring a good carding result. To maintain the carding result over the long term, the revolving tops, cylinder and doffer wires must be sharpened regularly and the licker-in wires and stationary flats replaced in due time.

The higher the stress on the card clothing - due to the production output or inadequate quality of the fiber raw material to be processed - the higher the wear. Licker-in wires and stationary flats can not be re-sharpened and are therefore replaced when needed. Replacing them in time pays off, as only sharp licker-in wires and stationary flats can relieve the stress on the cylinder wire and revolving tops. They thus help to achieve the full service life potential of the card clothing.
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Publication:Pakistan Textile Journal
Date:Feb 28, 2021
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