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Groz-Beckert: a combination of functional design and performance.

Groz-Beckert has over 140 years of partnership with machine builders and end users of industrial machine needles throughout the entire world. The continuous improvements of our products and manufacturing processes, as well as solving numerous complicated problems related to needle technology, built our reputation.

Even today, we focus our complete attention to the needle. Over 6000 employees worldwide in research and development, production, machine shop and sales have only one goal - to recognize the requirements of our customers and to supply them with the most improved needles and optimal service available.

Our worldwide sister companies and sales organizations guarantee quick and efficient service. Our field service staff is in constant contact with our customers and can react quickly to individual needs. Short term deliveries are helpful in reducing downtime and contribute to reduced costs and maintaining quality.

In our felting needle laboratory, competent technicians discuss and advise customers through tests made on our lab test loom with the customer's own material to solve any possible problems they might have. Numerous loaded needle boards are available for quick changes during testing. Whether you want to optimize your present product or develop new products, our flexibility enables us to reduce costly downtime.

Our lab test looms are equipped with a device to measure and record penetration forces during the needling process. A computer reports and analyzes the mean penetration force based on a predetermined number of penetrations. The force/depth diagram appears on a screen and can also be printed out. Based on these values we can determine the needling procedure as well as recommend the best suitable needle type.

In order to solve your problems and to optimize your products, Groz-Beckert offers in addition to the well known felting needle program, the following special needles:

Felting Needles With

Compact Barbs

These special needles have small HL barbs closely spaced together, which minimize fiber and scrim material damage. These needles are used mostly for the production of geotextiles, papermaker felts, filtration material and other technical felts using fine denier fibers.

Felting Needles Used For

Needling Cotton Fibers

These type of fibers require special needle types. In order to guarantee a smooth entry of the needles into the cotton fiber web, the needle must have a long and slim shaped point with a smooth surface quality. The barbs need to be small in order to keep the penetration forces at a minimum, therefore reducing the loadput on the needle. To further increase the stability of the needle, a longer taper and a 16 gauge intermediate blade are used.

Needles For The Medicine, Hygiene

And Cosmetic Fabric Market

Depending on the type of fibers used, we recommend various needles in HL execution or regular needles with HL barbs. The three-dimensional well rounded form of the HL barb provides a long needle life, reduced fiber damage and a smooth and even surface quality. Due to the uniformity of all dimensions on this needle, we guarantee a constant uniformity in fabric quality.

Needles For Special


We develop needles for needling fiber webs out of ceramic, teflon, steel, aramid and carbon fibers. Because of the highly technical applications and requirements, our technicians are constantly in contact with customers, machine builders, fiber producers and research and development institutes to further improve the needles to stand up to the demand put on them.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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