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Growing Old.

 Like an old program written in Fortran too bulky to be rewritten
useful enough to hang on to as it is, with its bugs, its lost data, its
incomprehensible error messages: this is the paradise of retirement. No
graphics or artificial intelligence, but living on in the computer room:
the warmth of the a/c, just a few faithful users via the old RS-232. 

Translation from the Italian By Anthony Robbins

Vincenzo Della Mea is Assistant Professor of medical informatics at the University of Udine, Italy. As a poet he published his first book, L'infanzia di Goedel (Godel's childhood), in 1999. In 2004 he published Algoritmi (Algorithms), followed by I sogni della guerra (War dreams) in 2008. His poetry has also appeared in print and online magazines, including Nuovi Argomenti, Nazione Indiana, and Daemon. Due to his interest in science and poetry, he co-edited an anthology on poetry and computers (Verso i bit, 2005) and a special issue of Daemon magazine and helped organize public events on science and literature.

Anthony Robbins was born in England in 1956 and educated at Oxford. After a stint of university teaching, he has worked for more than a quarter-century in finance. He is an essayist, poet, and translator of French, German, and Italian texts, both technical and literary, into English, and a member of the editorial board of the Italian literary journal Smerilliana. He has three children and likes walking and cycling in the countryside.

Editorial note: From Algoritmi (LietoColle, 2004).
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Author:Della Mea, Vincenzo
Publication:World Literature Today
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2011
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