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Grow hulless oats for human consumption.

COUNTRYSIDE: I am really concerned about skyrocketing grain prices. We are paying 48 cents per pound for whole oat groats.

I am a homesteader in upstate New York and both myself and my parents receive your wonderful magazine. I can grow whole oats and my livestock does fine on these whole oats with the hull intact. I am told I cannot eat any oats or even process them for human consumption without first removing the hull. My question is, how did the Scottish for centuries use whole oats? The health benefits of whole oats makes it an essential part of our diet. We need help with this fast. Does anyone out there have answers to these questions? Dorthy and Warren Zollweg and Kathleen OMeal,

This question was also addressed in the July/August 1999 issue of COUNTRYSIDE. Here is the reply:

"There are no 'easy" ways to make or do many things most people take for granted. To the best of our knowledge hulling oats is one of these.

There is, however, a solution, commonly used by homesteaders who grow their own oats for human consumption: Hullless oats (also called naked oats). These are available from several seed houses, including Bountiful Gardens Seeds, 18001 Shafer Ranch Rd., Willits, CA 95490; 707-459-6410; www. asp; Seeds of Change, 1-888-762-7333,; and Johnny's Selected Seeds, 1-877-564-6697, www.

For years, we've been saying oats are rolled by Quaker, using steam and pressures not practical on the homestead. But just recently we saw a simple, small, hand-operated tool for milling oats on the homestead. Unfortunately, we can't remember the company or find the catalog now. If any readers have information on or experience with this tool please let us know."

You could also purchase oat groats, which are oats with the indigestible outer hull removed.
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Author:Zollweg, Dorthy; Zollweg, Warren; OMeal, Kathleen; Belanger, Jd
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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