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Groups are picking TAC delegates.


This month we'll start off with a brief update on the Telecommunications Associations Council (TAC) activities since the Fourth Annual Meeting in May.

Member associations include:

* ACUTA (Association of College and University Telecommunications Administrators)

* CBTA (Canadian Business Telecommunications Alliance)

* CMA (Communications Managers Association)

* ENTELEC (Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Association)

* ICA (International Telecommunications Association)

* INTUG (International Telecommunications Users Group)

* MTC (Midwestern Telecommunications Conference)

* SETA (Southeastern Telecommunications Association)

* TCA (Tele-Communications Association)

Choosing Delegates

These associations and their chapters, state associations, and international associations numbering over 52 are in the process of selecting representatives to TAC.

These delegates will be either "permanent" or yearly representatives, depending upon the wishes of their association.

Whenever convenient, meetings will be at TAC's annual conferences; but main emphasis is on the frequent contacts made between and among member associations regarding a variety of issues, problems, and other areas of common interests.

For more information regarding TAC, contact me at the address below.

Around The Circuit

The CBTA is practicing what it preaches by recently installing a voice messaging system for its members.

Says CBTA President Brian Callihoo: "Since the CBTA is a national association with members from coast-to-coast, time zones have in the past distorted the calling window.s

"We've also been looking for a way to get information on fast-breaking news stories to our membership in a timely fashion," says Callihoo.

Contact the CBTA office, Graham Davies, Executive Director, 15 Toronto St., Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2E3, (416) 865-9993 for more information.

Note: Let me know if other associations have installed voice mail systems. I know ICA installed one in the early part of this year and it proved to be quite effective especially during their annual conference. Contact Robert Eilers, executive director, 800-ICA-INFO, for more information.

Charles H. Buxton

I was saddened to learn of the death of Charles "Chuck" Buxton. Chuck will be missed within our community of telecomm associations, especially by his many friends within the TCA where he contributed so much of his energy, loyalty and leadership during the early days of its formation and growth.

All his efforts were recognized as he was elected to various leadership roles and became president in 1968 when he was with Lockheed Aircraft and again in 1971 when he was with the Bechtel Corp.

Chuck was honored by his peers by receiving the first Gene Pesavento Award, presented to him "for making the greates contribution toward the advancement of the TCA and its objectives."

Roger Bruhn, recently retired from Lockheed and a close friend of Chuck's over the years, is available for information about Chuck and his family. Roger can be reached at 1225 Vienna Dr., fi 134, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1815, phone (408) 734-1272.

Roger Underwood has been involved in telecommunications for over 30 years as a corporate telecomm manager, association leader (president of ICA, charter director of TCA), and advisor and liaison to the Telecommunications Association Council and supplier communities. Contact him with association news at 185 Front St., Suite 201, Danville, CA 94526 (415-831-1140).
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