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Groupe Silicomp - 2004 3rd Quarter Results Revised Upward.

Group Operating Profit: euro 0.5 Million (2.3% of Sales)

Groupe Silicomp posted 2004 3rd quarter sales of euro 20 million, up 15.5% over the same period last year. In this time, the Group improved to euro 0.5 million in quarterly operating profit from euro 0.3 million in quarterly operating loss, confirming its ever improving business situation despite normal seasonality factors.
 This better-than-expected performance was achieved thanks to the:

 -- the sustained sales activity in France, particularly for the Group's
 Systems & Networks business, despite normal seasonality factors,
 -- the managed situation in North America, and
 -- the collection of euro 0.1 million in doubtful receivables.

 Q1 2003 Q2 2003 Q3 2003 Q4 2003 Q1 2004 Q2 2004 Q3 2004

 Sales 18,496 18,744 17,334 23,270 19,368 22,602 20,015

 EBITDA (893) 26 319 923 473 1,042 784

 Operating profit/
 (loss) (1,664) (709) (283) 718 153 481 466
 Net finance costs (30) (335) (165) (129) (161) (136) (115)
 Net exceptional
 income/(loss) 16 (50) (57) (121) (10) 12 (77)
 Profit/(loss) before
 tax and goodwill
 amortization (1,678) (1,094) (505) 468 (18) 357 274

Group sales for the nine months ended 30 September 2004 increased by 13.6% to euro 62 million from euro 54.6 million for the same period last year, while operating profit improved to euro 1.1 million and EBITDA improved to euro 2.3 million.

Group workforce increased by 3% from 30 June 2004 to 30 September 2004 by 909. The inter-contracts rate remained low at 3%, while the utilisation rate, which also includes holidays, was satisfactory considering seasonality.

The full quarterly report can be accessed at This report has been prepared by the Group's management and will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors on 8 December 2004.


Our aggressive commercial approach enabled us to win major contracts in France and internationally:
 -- In France, our Systems & Networks business enjoyed sustained activity
 thanks to new contracts signed with a Telecom operator, a government
 department and the Mister Good Deal (euro 610,000). Our Information
 Technology business continues to strengthen its positions in the
 Energy, Telecom and Defence sectors. Recurring sales were realised
 thanks to important contracts in new remote control tools development
 (euro 3 million), civil security products audit for the DGA (euro 1.5
 million) and outsourced telecom services platforms validation
 activities (euro 0.6 million). In addition, SILICOMP-AQL accelerated
 its partnership strategy with information integrators (within the
 framework of third-party maintenance) and with the defence industry,
 notably in the definition of new telecommunication components.
 -- In Switzerland, Telecom Systems developed and integrated Voice over IP
 solutions and maintained data backup systems and WiFi installation
 systems activities at major educational institutions (SFR 960,000).
 -- In Asia, business remained very dynamic with major multi-million euro
 integration projects in the transport industry in Thailand, Singapore,
 India and Korea.

We confirm our 2004 full year financial forecasts. Preliminary 2004 full year financial results will be released on 28 January 2005.

About Groupe Silicomp

Groupe Silicomp is a leading Information Technology Solutions provider of innovative, high technology content solutions. The Group is active in consulting and implementation services, and is a recognised leader in computer security. The Group's unique know-how for developing communicating systems for your future needs are reflected in its control and integration of network systems, industrial applications and real time, on-board computing. With a presence on three continents, Groupe Silicomp is the preferred partner of major manufacturers.

Shares of Groupe SILICOMP (ISIN code: FR000063794) trade on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange Nouveau Marche since 16 June 1998.

CONTACT: Press Relations, Bernard GARRIGOU-TORCHY of BGT Communication, 33-(0)1-46-474096, e-mail: or Corporate Relations, Jean- Michel GLINER, Chairman of Groupe SILICOMP, 33-(0)4-76-416666, e-mail:

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