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Group calls for water sanitation in Hispaniola.

Health advocates should come together to eliminate cholera from Haiti and the Dominican Republic, according to a new call to action.

The Regional Coalition for Water and Sanitation to Eliminate Cholera in the Islands of Hispaniola issued the call this summer.

Officially launched in June, the coalition is working to "catalyze public opinion and stakeholders in partnership with donors, governments, financial agencies and nongovernmental organizations to work toward a common goal: to eliminate cholera and promote sustainable development in both Haiti and Dominican Republic," the group said.

Since an earthquake devastated Haiti in 2010, cholera has emerged as a severe public health threat, and the disease has also affected the Dominican Republic.

The coalition issued a formal declaration in late June that sets a 2012-2022 timetable for eliminating cholera and improving water and sanitation in the region.

"We are convinced that governments and international organizations together can support efforts to achieve sustainable 'water and sanitation for all' on the island of Hispaniola and that a multi-sectoral approach will avoid isolated activities and resource duplication," the declaration states.

The document also declares a commitment to "dialogue and action at the local, national and international levels, in order to promote and accomplish the environmental and public health objectives" of eliminating cholera.

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