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Ground transporter for massive molds.

A new in-plant heavy-load transporter allows molders to move tools weighing from 30 to 300 tons without the limitations of overhead cranes or in-floor rail systems. The hydraulic Wheelift multi-axis indoor transporter from Wheelift Systems, Waverly, Iowa, is a self-propelled vehicle that is omni-directional in its travel capability. It can be operated with a wired or wireless hand-held pendant or automated guided vehicle (AGV) computer controls.

The transporters typically have solid urethane tires and from four to more than 20 axles that can each carry as much as 25 tons. There is no limit on how many axles can be mounted on a transporter or how many transporters can operate together under a single load. Tel: (319) 483-4700 *

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Title Annotation:KEEPING UP WITH: Tooling
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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