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Ground safety.

Mr. Adams was the lead investigator for an on-duty Class A fatality mishap, and completed the com-I plex investigation and report ahead of established timelines. He assisted the initial set-up of an ACC Ground Accident Investigation Board of the same fatality. He acquired equipment and supplies during the crucial bed-down period, saving the team valuable time and allowing them to complete their investigation in a timely manner. He investigated three additional reportable mishaps while overseeing six other investigations that cost over $170,000 in damages and injuries, and most importantly delivered actionable changes to build safer work operations for Barksdale AFB personnel. Mr. Adams prevented a construction delay of up to one year on a 2.6 million dollar firing range. Upon reviewing the plans for the range, he identified and facilitated corrective action for non-compliance of Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board requirements. Had this gone unnoticed, the delay could have adversely affected the weapons qualification for Barksdale personnel. He edited, developed and added local information to Course 3A curriculum ensuring Barksdale's high risk Airmen received area-specific driving education. Additionally, he conducted a total of 10 supervisor safety classes. This allowed him to emphasize the 2 BW Commander's safety vision and share his incredible knowledge and experience with Barksdale's newest generation of supervisors. Mr. Adams' GSM efforts yielded terrific results - second quarter ground mishap rates plummeted 26 percent.


Mr. Percy J. Adams

2nd Bomb Wing

Barksdale AFB, La.
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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