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Ground safety. (Quarterly Award Winners).

Award of the Quarter

T Sgt Folias' Ground Safety Inspection and Program Management Assessments have been rated Outstanding." He was recently commended by the ACC/PME inspection team for providing the best supervisor and unit safety programs to date. For a high mobility unit routinely performing hazardous operations at austere deployed locations, his training is a lifesaver. He individually verified, documented, and ensured newly assigned members had proper training, resulting in zero reportable mishaps on and off duty. His written, visual, and verbal instructions are enhanced with performance and demonstration techniques to reinforce and validate understanding. Mock-ups, samples of Personal Protective Equipment, and other visual aids complement his training. He has developed and implemented superb training plans for work activities such as proper lifting procedures, fall protection, Lock-out/fag-out measures, traffic safety, ladder safety, power hand tools, hazardous material, and communication programs to support the mandatory i tems identified on the Job Safety Training Outline and AF Form 55. His HAZOOM binder was selected by the squadron Chief of Safety as a benchmark for other squadron safety representatives. TSgt Folias worked diligently with unit and wing safety to rejuvenate existing programs and ensured 100 percent compliance for training implementation. To enhance the programs a variety of safety videos, checklists, and tests have been obtained to allow workers to openly discuss any areas of concern about each program. He also established four safety training guides for the four common structures tasking Red Horse performs: Concrete Masonry Unit, Pre-engineered Building, K-Span Operations, and Tilt-Up Construction. He used the six-step ORM process to create a comprehensive plan for each task. His risk management/safety plans received laudable comments from the inspection team as the benchmark for the command. As a direct result of his leadership and motivation, the squadron safety program received the highest rating of "Exce llent" during the 2003 Air Combat Command Program Management Evaluation. He was also the inspection team's unanimous choice as the ACC Safety "Top Performer."

TSgt John T. Folias, 820th Red Horse Sqn., Nellis AFB, Nevada
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Title Annotation:military safety programs
Publication:Combat Edge
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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