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Ground safety. (Monthly Award Winners).

Award of Distinction

TSgt Daniels distinguished herself during this period as the 820 RHS, Chief of Safety. She has taken every opportunity to increase safety compliance by 393 personnel within a diverse squadron consisting of four flights and a total of 32 facilities. TSgt Daniels reestablished the squadron's Lock-out/Tag-out Program, the Confined Space Program, and the 820 RHS Operating Instructions. TSgt Daniels established the 820 RHS safety database that tracks a myriad of information crucial to administering a strong and viable program. After realizing the possibility of deploying to an area that may not have Base Fire Department support for Confined Space Rescue, TSgt Daniels instituted an Organizational Confined Space Rescue Team. She also identified additional training and equipment requirements needed to ensure Red Horse personnel were protected from possible exposure to injuries. She performed inspections of all facilities in the squadron within a 5-month time frame to get a better understanding of the functions of eac h flight. She aggressively oriented newly assigned squadron personnel during the monthly in-processing briefing with topics ranging from mishap reporting procedures, DUI, motorcycle safety awareness, and identification of hazard reporting requirements, in addition to area supervisor responsibilities. She produced and distributed numerous safety briefings electronically to all squadron personnel to ensure the widest dissemination of safety information. She reestablished the Deployment Safety Plan ensuring that squadron personnel maintain the same safety standards, whether in-garrison or deployed. Due to her attention to detail, 820 RHS received an "Excellent" rating from HQ ACC/SE Program Management Evaluation with no safety discrepancies and was identified as the ACC Safety "Top Performer." The 12 AF/CV identified TSgt Daniels' safety program as a model to emulate in 12 AF. TSgt Daniels is the epitome of an Air Force safety professional and is truly deserving of this honor.

TSgt Cathy A. Daniels, 820th Red Horse Sqn., Nellis AFB, Nevada
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Title Annotation:military safety programs
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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