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Ground safety. (Monthly Award Winners).

Award of Distinction

SSgt Michael E. Stewart attacks challenges with enthusiasm and determination, he was hand selected by the Squadron Commander over more senior ranking members for 333 ES Unit Safety Representative duties. While maintaining top-notch Life Support ground and weapons safety programs, he was faced with the challenge of developing a brand new squadron safety program from the ground up. He coordinated with squadron leadership to develop a sound plan of attack for implementation of new safety standards. His unequaled organizational skills and energetic attitude led to the identification and immediate elimination of potential squadron safety hazards. He focused efforts to ensure all supervisors had the appropriate level of safety training and were adopting new initiatives. SSgt Stewart ensured all troops were up to date and knowledgeable on safety guidance to include the thinking "inside the box concept." He designed the squadron safety board with the idea of "one stop shopping" for safety information, combining weapo ns, ground, and flight safety into one location. SSgt Stewart used innovative ideas to build interest about safety matters. Recently during a weekly safety briefing he shared information about a defective product, which was owned by one of the Life Support personnel's children. The knowledge gained from this safety briefing helped prevent potential injury to that child. His vigilant spot inspection program has significantly increased the level of awareness about safety and clearly demonstrates his altruistic concern for the safety of others. In addition, the outstanding work ethic of SSgt Stewart contributed to the Life Support work center receiving an "Excellent" rating during the Annual Wing Safety Assessment. The 4 EW/SEG lauded SSgt Stewart as having "One of the best safety programs on the base." Unwavering commitment to the ground safety program directly contributed to the 4 FW receiving an "Excellent" rating on the 2002 management evaluation. SSgt Stewart is the epitome of the philosophy "Safety starts here" and has made spreading the safety message a top priority.

SSgt Michael E. Stewart, 333rd Fighter Sqn., 4th Fighter Wing, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina
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Title Annotation:military safety
Publication:Combat Edge
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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