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Ground safety.

CAPT LUTHER L. BROWN, 116 ACW, ROBINS AFB GA. Upon arriving at his duty location, Capt Brown noticed a strong, foul odor permeating the area. He identified the odor as a natural gas leak that was venting near the 116 LRS's Hazmat Satellite Pharmacy, located approximately 60 yards from the HQ building and 50 yards from the 330 CTS Bldg. He assessed the situation and reported to the base Fire Department. The swift and decisive actions of Capt Brown prevented a potential catastrophic ground mishap that could have led to loss of life, injury, and significant property damage. (Oct 11)


TSGT DANTE D. REV, 347 OSS, 23 WG, MOODY AFB GA. TSgt Rey observed a fully-qualified parachute rigger incorrectly perform a step as the rigger re-packed a BA-18/22 Backstyle Parachute. Realizing that the incorrect procedure could increase the probability of a parachute deployment malfunction, he began a recall of all parachutes that the rigger had re-packed. TSgt Rey's quick actions removed 71 potentially defective parachutes from service, both at home station and in two forward AORs and ensured that aircrew were flying with properly packed parachutes. (Nov 11)

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Title Annotation:OCTOBER-NOVEMBER AWARDS OF DISTINCTION; Luther L. Brown and Dante D. Rev
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