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Ground safety.


SSgt Kirby identified and corrected six facility safety deficiencies, helping to transform the squadron's dilapidated facilities into a safe and effective working environment. He developed and implemented Lock Out/Tag Out procedures for Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems (ATCALS) radar facilities. His actions corrected a 6-year safety program shortfall, and safeguarded four technicians from exposure to hazardous energy/high voltage equipment, and ensured the protection of over $8.4M in ATCALS assets; ultimately ensuring safety of flight for 25,000 aircraft operations and 30,000 passengers. He also identified HV safety boards' shortfalls at two ATCALS radar sites and immediately researched required safety board items and requisitioned them through supply channels. He implemented safety inspections for all 332 ECS work centers. During the 165-item safety inspection, he completed a physical inspection of every work center and checked all section safety binders to ensure AE Form 55s, Job Safety Training Outlines (JSTOs), and other required items were properly documented and filed correctly. From his inspection, he identified 20+ discrepancies and aggressively worked with safety representatives to resolve them. Three work centers had no safety programs and he helped them create safety binders and JSTOs from scratch. He also conducted weekly safety briefings during squadron Roll Calls, ensuring "safety awareness" is at the forefront of everyone's agenda. During the annual wing safety inspection, the wing safety inspector reported the 332 ECS had an outstanding safety program and lauded the unit's Confined Spaces Program as "one of the best."


SSgt Aaron D. Kirby 332 ECS, 332 AEW Joint Base Balad, Iraq
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Publication:Combat Edge
Date:Nov 1, 2009
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