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Ground safety: award of distinction.

1Lt Nelson and TSgt McClain teamed up to produce and present several safety briefings, including the Quarterly Fly Safe briefing. Lt Nelson also played an integral role in the implementation of a new 963 AACS copilot program that incorporates a safety briefing into every mission's coordination briefing. This program ensures that safety is always kept in the aircrew's crosschecks. Sgt McClain implemented new procedures for scheduling and tracking completion of Supervisory Safety Training for all squadron personnel. The procedures Sgt McClain has employed have drastically improved squadron compliance with this mandatory Air Force course. They also developed and ran a scenario for a major accident response exercise. By developing and executing a simulated aircraft mishap, they delivered valuable lessons learned in preparation for the State Centennial summer air show. Finally, Lt Nelson discovered a deficiency in firefighter training, and with the help of Sgt McClain, arranged for several 963 AACS flight engineers to brief 22 local area firefighters on the hazards associated with the AWACS. Due to mutual support agreements that Tinker AFB maintains with local area fire departments, the potential exists that firefighting and rescue agencies external to Tinker AFB may respond in the event of an aircraft mishap. None of the local firefighters had ever been near an AWACS, let alone trained on the danger areas associated with them. Currently, Lt Nelson and Sgt McClain are developing plans for scheduling and implementing similar tours for the rest of the metro area fire departments. Through diligence and exceptional dedication, 1Lt Nelson and SSgt McClain continue to improve upon a strong safety ethos that is alive and vibrant within the wing.


1Lt Jack Nelson, TSgt Charles McClain III

963rd Airborne

Air Control Squadron

552nd Air Control Wing

Tinker AFB, Okla.
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Author:Nelson, Jack; McClain, Charles, III
Publication:Combat Edge
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Date:Jul 1, 2007
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