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Ground control to Mouser Tom...

THIS little puss is a real Space Moggity... he has David Bowie's mismatched eyes.

Bowie, who died in January aged 69, was left with a dilated left pupil after a pal punched him during a fight over a girl when they were teenagers.

The injury made the singer's eye look brown while the other was blue. And Alos might be a bit of a copycat as the rock icon Bowie's dog Max also has different coloured eyes.

Alos and his owner live in Turkey and has 9,500 followers on Instagram. Cat People singer Bowie would surely have approved.


DIAMOND DOG Bowie's pooch Max

EYE-CON Bowie's dilated pupil made his left eye seem brown

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 14, 2016
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