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Gross product by industry, 1984.

ALL major domestic industries contributed to the 6.8-percent increase in real GNP in 1984. In 1983, when real GNP had increased 3.7 percent, all major domestic industries except the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industry and the mining industry had increased. The "rest of the world" decreased 13 percent, following a 3-percent decrease in 1983.

The largest percentage increases in 1984 were in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries (15 percent) and in wholesale trade (13 percent). The large increase in agriculture followed a decline in 1983 due to Federal acreage reduction programs and drought. The large increase in wholesale trade was partly due to the sharply increased volume of merchandise imports.

Construction increased at about three times its 1983 rate. Other industries that had large accelerations--increases at about twice their 1983 rates--were manufacturing; transportation and public utilities; finance, insurance, and real estate; services; and government and government enterprises. Retail trade accelerated slightly.

Estimates for 1984 and earlier years will be revised as part of the comprehensive revision of the national income and product accounts scheduled for December 1985.
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Author:Peterson, Milo O.
Publication:Survey of Current Business
Date:Apr 1, 1985
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