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Groom gone in 60 minutes.

A 20-year-old woman has divorced her 80-year-old husband within an hour of them tying the knot.

The elderly Emirati and his young Pakistani bride got hitched at Ras Al Khaimah Marriage Court, which certified their marriage in the presence of the woman's guardian.

However, officials were surprised when the newlywed-woman returned less than 60 minutes later and asked the same judge who had officiated the marriage to grant her a divorce for her aging husband. A court official said the woman did not give reasons why she wanted a divorce. "The woman only insisted on being granted a divorce, saying she couldn't stay with the old man. She did not tell us why," the official said.

The judge sought the husband's consent and he agreed to end their brief marriage. The Pakistani woman returned the dowry to the elderly man. The official noted that the couple had gone to the court one week before they tied the knot but were told they would need to return with the bride's guardian to witness the ceremony.

The couple returned to the court a week later with a witness.

A source told 7DAYS the elderly man had been married a number of times and many of his wives had divorced him.


A divorced couple who spent years in legal battles have remarried after just three hours of counselling. The Department of Family Guidance and Reforms at Ras Al Khaimah Courts said the Emirati couple decided to tie the knot again after the counselling session.

Jassim Al Makki, head of the department, said the wife filed for divorce seven years ago because she claimed the husband was not providing financial support for her and their two children. "The woman said her husband had failed to provide a decent home for her. She insisted on divorcing him stressing that she would even return the dowry," said Al Makki.

The couple were granted a divorce and custody of the children went to their mother. The pair were then in and out of court as the wife claimed the husband had stopped providing for the children financially, while the husband said she had stopped allowing him access to their kids. Al Makki said the court eventually provided the man and his ex-wife with three hours of counselling. After explaining the negative effects of divorce, the pair decided to remarry. "During the meeting, the husband expressed his desire to end the disputes between him and his wife and pledged to look after her and his children," he added.

"He asked officials to remarry him and his wife so that they can have a happy family."

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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Feb 9, 2012
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