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Articles from Grocer (August 2, 2003)

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... As electrical mountains loom. (News). Brief Article 197
A celebration of dried fruit. (News). Brief Article 161
A lighter Baileys that lasts longer. (Beers--Wines--Spirits). Brief Article 222
A valued alternative: almost two-thirds of the category's value is in own label which retailers are using to enhance their brand identity. (Home Baking). Brief Article 230
Addis staff pay is cut. (News). Watson, Elaine Brief Article 243
Adnams' iconic aims. (Beers--Wines--Spirits). Brief Article 171
Agency's rebuke unfair says Tesco. (News). Brief Article 269
Appliance of science: the breadmaking machine has revolutionised the fortunes of home baking and spurred innovation in bread flours and mixes. (Home Baking). 651
Archers Aqua strives for 'the next level'. (Beers--Wines--Spirits). Brief Article 175
Asda and Sainsbury slug it out. (Insight). 517
Asda hails food strength. (News). Watson, Elaine 385
Bad couple of weeks for pro-GM cause. (Readers' letters: the issues that matter, from the people involved). Melchett, Peter Letter to the Editor 208
Baking is full of cool operators: technology, celebrity branding and healthy snacking habits have rescued home baking from near obscurity. (Home Baking). O'Brien, Clare 682
Better Baby Dry gets 5m [pounds sterling] push. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Brief Article 127
Blue Dragon convenience. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Brief Article 136
Booker waits for an answer. (News). Brief Article 105
BPEX hits out at import quality. (Meat--Bacon--Poultry--Fish). Brief Article 244
Brits get on board for Anuga 2003. (News). Brief Article 153
Brow eases path for Scots Spar arrivals. (Movers & Shakers). Brief Article 115
C-stores ready for chip and PIN. (News). McAllister, Sean 384
Campaign trail. (Brandwatch). Brief Article 229
Cirio business as usual in UK. (News). Brief Article 257
Club launched by St Merryn. (Meat--Bacon--Poultry--Fish). Brief Article 115
Comfort speeds up drying. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Brief Article 280
Confectionery heading for commoditisation warning. (News). Interview 144
Confectionery's troubleshooter: Nestle Rowntree sales director Peter Basham tells Liz Hamson how he plans to pull confectionery away from commoditisation. (Confectionery). Hamson, Liz 1233
Consumer insight: key trends in the consumption of peas. (Meat--Bacon--Poultry--Fish). Brief Article 235
Cracking into shared snacks. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Brief Article 149
Diageo's Clube takes on broad Sainsbury role. (Movers & Shakers). Addy, Rod Brief Article 138
Diary dates. (Counterpoint). Brief Article 120
Divi money for schools. (News). Brief Article 143
Doorstep option. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Brief Article 126
Double blow for JS: overtaken by Asda and with its Somerfield hopes dashed, what are the options now for Sainsbury? (Analysis). Watson, Elaine 737
Driving Unwins in the convenience sector. (Movers & Shakers). Brief Article 119
Early Discovery boosts UK start. (Market Edge). Shapley, David Brief Article 268
EFSIS for shellfish. (Meat--Bacon--Poultry--Fish). Brief Article 141
Export limit. (Dispatches--the global update). Brief Article 127
Failing sites hit bottle. (News). Bruce, Anne Brief Article 205
Fat lady's praise swells sales of Willow Water. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Brief Article 244
Fetzer enters under-5 [pounds sterling] area. (Beers--Wines--Spirits). Brief Article 157
FFB maintains mission to reward UK exporters. (News). Brief Article 178
Five roar down the track. (News). Brief Article 206
Foreign focus: what's new overseas? (Brandwatch). Jago, David Brief Article 251
Hackles rise at EU plans to police organic sales ... (News). Bruce, Anne Brief Article 319
Halal meat strips launched by Aria. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Brief Article 161
Hard grind for buyer: overworked, stressed and burnt out at 35? As the multiples pile on the pressure, Elaine Watson talks to the people at the coal face. (Buyers and suppliers). Watson, Elaine 1282
Hey big spender: butter and margarine. (Brandwatch). 274
High stakes with cakes: Martin Lightbody once took a multi-million pound gamble on the future. Now he's doing it again. Sian Harrington finds out why. (Lightbody). Harrington, Sian 617
Independents focus: c-store TradeTrak: Fresh produce sales up 8%. (Insight). Brief Article 137
Jack Daniel's birthday time. (Beers--Wines--Spirits). Brief Article 134
Judge digital media on its own merits. (Readers' letters: the issues that matter, from the people involved). Wallbank, Steve Letter to the Editor 160
Kwik Save links with national security partners. (News). Brief Article 147
Leaving the corner shop image behind. (Team talk: Bells Stores: Sheila Gibbin, chief executive of Bells Training Services, and team). Brief Article 211
Low calorie beer tried. (Beers--Wines--Spirits). Brief Article 262
McCarthy S&A MD. (Movers & Shakers). Brief Article 159
MPs urge new law for discarded gum. (News). Brief Article 224
Mr Bagels warms up. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Brief Article 124
Nails in the coffin of wild salmon. (Readers' letters: the issues that matter, from the people involved). Sandison, Bruce Letter to the Editor 158
NFU prod for British plums. (Market Edge). Brief Article 142
No signs of Tesco slowing. (Opinion: Britain's top retailer continues to extend it's lead over rivals). Hunt, Julian 404
OFT raids dairies. (News). Brief Article 184
Oxford Co-op beefs up marketing expertise. (Movers & Shakers). Brief Article 150
Packs for the brownies: cake mixes for children help to keep the sector buoyant. (Home Baking). 454
Petits Filous revamped. (Marketing). Brief Article 132
Portfolio: how our basket of shares is performing: Sainsbury share price defies its rocky ride in July. (News). Brief Article 213
Poultry level playing field call. (Meat--Bacon--Poultry--Fish). Bedington, Ed Brief Article 268
Premium labels a let-down. (News). Bruce, Anne 359
Rail stores are halted. (News). Brief Article 153
Research notes: snacking fruits lead market growth. (Home Baking). Pattison, Tom Brief Article 327
SA Navels delayed. (Market Edge). Brief Article 166
Safeway unveils own label Oriental. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Brief Article 168
Shop around campaign. (News). Brief Article 180
SMP change. (Dispatches--the global update). Brief Article 101
Snack-a-Jacks spinoff. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Carmichael, Mary Brief Article 214
Some beautiful people. (Six of the best: a unique monthly look at the best buyers in UK grocery). 546
Spar backs British meat. (Meat--Bacon--Poultry--Fish). Brief Article 156
Spotlight on meat, fish and poultry: testing how studies perform on a themed shopping basket. (Insight). 1152
Storewatch. (Insight). 771
Strong stuff from Tesco. (Market Edge). Brief Article 108
Sweetcorn runs early. (Fresh Produce--Canned Foods--Milk--Butter--Cheese--Eggs). Brief Article 142
Tesco dedicates depot to clothes. (News). Brief Article 107
Tesco in shelf life demand. (News). Brief Article 340
Tesco keeps cool as pressure mounts. (Insight). 2917
Tesco resolves comparison row with Lidl. (News). 202
Tesco signals legal interest. (News). Brief Article 115
The acid test: consumers and buyers give their views on the latest launches. (Brandwatch). Brief Article 326
The Saturday Essay: Colin Breed, liberal democrat MP South East Cornwall, on why retailer power must be curbed. (Comment). 594
The Wella defence against ultra violet. (Promotions--Products--Packs). Brief Article 124
Total turns to drinks sales. (News). Brief Article 256
Vending? Praise be. (Counterpoint). Brief Article 133
Vox shop: baking early for Christmas ... scratch cooks give a lift to the category in Waitrose ... Safeway concentrates on dried fruit and kids' mixes. (Home Baking). Brief Article 245
Waiting for a Bundh in the oven. (Marketing). Carmichael, Mary Brief Article 260
Waitrose trials point to dairy sales boost by cutting yogurts offering. (Dispatches--the global update). Brief Article 143
Walkers still tops chart. (Insight). 760
Warren comes on board as Today's trading controller. (Movers & Shakers). Brief Article 129
Washington work goes on. (Market Edge). Brief Article 133
Weakness in the independent lobby. (Readers' letters: the issues that matter, from the people involved). Toft, Alan Letter to the Editor 283
Welsh lamb with Trust. (Meat--Bacon--Poultry--Fish). Brief Article 131
What they actually mean is ... It would be refreshing if job ads spelt out the situation as it really was. Simon Howard provides a guide to recruitment-ad speak. (Careers file). Howard, Simon 602

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