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Grizzly bear.

When did you come out? Any noteworthy crushes as a youth?

Edward Droste of Grizzly Bear: I came out late, at 21, but realized I was gay-ish much earlier--while watching Growing Pains, I found young Leo very attractive. And in high school I had a crush on Stephen Malkmus of Pavement. Tall, gangly, aloof ... hot!

Do you feel your sexuality influences your music?

I used to think there was a loneliness about gay men, that we were cursed to live these transient lifestyles, with no permanence or stability. I was dealing with that feeling, and a rather sad breakup, when I wrote the album. Then I realized I just needed to grow up.

You solicited some diverse remixes.

I would never have dreamed of having so many talented people involved in this. The nice part is that our music is so soft and textured that there's room to make it punch or rock, and some people did just that. It was interesting to find out what others heard in the music, which rift they liked, or what words.

You're gay. Your band is called Grizzly Bear. Does this inspire certain assumptions? I'm not a bear. I'm not even particularly hairy, But if I don't stop drinking so much beer, I might have a big gut one day soon.
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Title Annotation:SHORT ANSWERS; short interview with Edward Droste
Author:Reighley, Kurt B.
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Article Type:Interview
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Date:Nov 22, 2005
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