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Grinding & abrasive-process machines.

Grinding & abrasive-process machines

This section contains surface, cylindrical, centerless, toolroom, and other types of grinding and abrasive-machining equipment and accessories.

Double-side lapping

The new 1500 Series double-side lapping machine is designed to finish fragile parts. Three-inch-round quartz wafers have been lapped to 0.002" thick. Top plate weight on the lapped parts, up to 200 lb, is controlled to within [+ or -] 1 lb.

A programmable controller, usually not found on small lapping machines, controls all functions.

PR Hoffman Machine Products, Carlisle, PA.

Tool grinders

Original Cuttermaster and new Series II tool grinders are easy to use, and manufactured with the rigidity and precision of a universal tool and cutter grinder. The original model grinds OD's and end mills in one setup, while the Series II model grinds roughing end mills with enhanced versatility. Both machines use Jet Stream Airflow Fixture.

HDT International, Paramount, CA.

Profile grinder

The Jung JA500 is a high-precision profile and surface grinder. One of a series of Jung machines, the JA500 is available with partial- or fully-automatic dressing cycles. The CNC system offers optimum control for all applications. It is designed for simplicity and flexibility in programming, and provides solutions to complex profile grinding problems.

An 8" x 24" table is used along with a 6.5-hp wheelhead motor.

Grinding Technology Inc, Shelton, CT.

Cutter grinder

An updated HS-75P will demonstrate that improved productivity, increased accuracy, and better finishes can be achieved when grinding carbide and high-speed steel end mills from solid or pre-milled blanks.

The five-axis CNC-controlled dual-spindle grinder is equipped with a high-pressure, high-volume oil-coolant system. A chiller unit enables it to produce a 20 gal/min flow rate at a temperature of 80 F. The 75P grinds full tool geometries in one setup.

An autoloader allows the unit to operate untended for up to five hours, depending on the size of tools being ground. High-resolution feedback on the X, Y, and Z slides and hydraulic rotary automatic trueing and dressing ensure accuracy of untended grinding operations.

SE Huffman Corp, Clover, SC.

CNC universal tool grinder

The Christen AU-250CNC is a versatile tool and cutter grinder equipped with a four-axis CNC control that allows automatic flute, radius, primary, and secondary grinding.

The AU-250CNC is a user-friendly CNC tool grinder, making it easy for the operator to adjust from a manual environment. The operator can manually override the CNC axes without interfering with the program. An operator dialog and free programmable module are standard with the machine.

Novatech, Scottsdale, AZ.

Diamond lapping systems

New diamond lapping and polishing systems are designed for use with diamond abrasives in paste or slurry form. Industries that process hard materials can use diamond lapping to improve stock-removal rate, flatness, and surface finish.

Features of the systems include ceramic conditioning and retaining rings, ceramic lapping and polishing plates in sizes from 12" to 48", diamond-slurry stirrer and dispenser units, and pneumatic pressure weights.

Lapmaster International, Morton Grove, IL.

Throughfeed finishing

Movel V-1472TF automated, high-production, continuous vibratory system finishes small or large parts in 3 to 6 min. It requires only 62 sq ft of floor space and consists of 14" by 6 ft long tub, parts/media screener, media-return conveyor, and sound hoods package. It accommodates a full range of finishing media, including steel.

Also shown will be a spindle finishing machine with pick-and-place robot serving two spindles that yields up to 600 finished pieces per hour. Two round-bowl machines will demonstrate automatic separation and rotating-divider options.

Almco Inc, Albert Lea, MN.

Honing machine

Vertical honing machine Model PH will be displayed. Its universal machine control, Unipos, controls the operational parameters for honing, single-pass honing, brush honing, and deburring. This microprocessor control is equipped with storage capacity and interface to control auxiliary functions for automation, fixturing, and similar operations. The intelligent control panel, with a monitor providing graphics display, permits communication with both the control system for the machining parameters and the peripheral controls for auxiliary functions.

Model PH also features precise reversal of the honing spindle, at high stroke speeds, and a high-resolution tool expansion feed system. A wide range of layouts tailored to customer applications are available with respect to machine tables, number of spindles, spindle drives, feed systems, stroke and sizing controls, and degree of automation.

Kadia Corp, Rockford, IL.

Precision sharpeners

The TR Series of precision sharpeners makes it practical for shops of any size, and people of any skill level, to sharpen their own taps, reamers, and countersinks in-house.

The new precision tap, reamer, and countersink sharpeners come in three different models for any size application. The TR-60 attachment is available for use on most universal grinders. The top-of-line TR-70 comes complete with a Baldor motor, stand, lamp, and collets.

Each unit has a ball-bearing head, linear ball-bearing slides, and will sharpen up to 1 1/8" taps with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 flutes. The units also sharpen straight- or spiral-flute reamers and single, multi-, or Weldon-style countersinks.

Darex Corp, Ashland, OR.

Double-side lap

The Spitfire System 360 24" double side lapping machine will be displayed. Three independent drive units power upper and lower plates, and carriers are programmable for process control to maximize productivity while maintaining flatness, parallelism, and size to submicron accuracy.

The Gyromatic 48PNLC single-side free-abrasive lapping unit, also shown, has a precision slurry-feed system designed for precise metering of abrasive and vehicle. The slurry system operates with conventional oil or water-soluble vehicles.

Spitfire/Nord PP-24 with power-driven quill demonstrates single-spindle lapping or polishing of multiple parts, or one part up to 24" dia. Processing parameters used for manufacturing of precision optics have been incorporated into the Spitfire/Nord systems. The modular-unit design is available up to 36"-dia capacity and ten units per system for lapping or polishing cells.

Spitfire Tool and Machine Co, Chicago, IL.

Two-wheel lapper

The microLine AC 1200S is designed to produce closer accuracies than traditional grinding methods. This large, two-wheel lapping machine is tooled for producing flatness and parallelism to millionths of an inch. The machine features improved pressure control with up to 4400-lb-force capability, high-powered drive motors, and programmable controller with memory for storage of up to 60 machine programs. The AC 1200S can be used in the manufacture of valves, pumps, slitter knives, gage blocks, semiconductor wafers, and computer components. It handles hard ceramics, carbides, and steels, as well as soft materials.

Peter Wolters of America Inc, Plainville, MA.

Drill-grinding machine

Model BSG/20 drill-grinding machine sharpens drills to 7/8" using a reversing prism system that guarantees accuracy and cutting-edge symmetry. Grinder sharpens all types of bits including standard right- and left-hand, wood cutting brad points, step drills, and sheet metal. With the use of an optional diamond wheel, it can sharpen carbide drills. The grinder also performs web thinning and point splitting.

Moon's Saw and Tool Co, Chicago, IL.

SabreLap central system

The SabreLap Central System has been redesigned to retrofit all lapping equipment either as a new equipment purchase or as an add-on to current equipment. The system ties into the electrical system of the host lapping equipment and automatically blends and feeds suspended abrasive concentrate with an oil-based or water-based diluent. Blending is performed immediately before usage and allows for a precise abrasive-to-liquid ratio with no fluctuations.

The precision metering pumps are adjustable from as little as a few ounces per hour to the large volumes required for industrial lapping applications. The SabreLap central system uses positive-displacement pumps and permanent suspension of both oil- and water-based systems to give trouble-free, day-to-day performance.

Chemical-Ways Corp, Lake Bluff, IL.

Automatic drill grinders

Toma Dripet drill sharpeners are automatic machines designed to simplify drill grinding and production. These grinders generate self-centering helical geometry that eliminates spot drilling and allows for increased feed rates. Tool life is consistent, and minimal skill is needed for operation. The enclosed CBN wheel requires no dressing. Three models are available with the following capacities: 0.060" to 0.220", 0.109" to 0.550", and 0.300" to 1.25".

Rush Machinery Inc, Rushville, NY.

Through-feed finishing

Rand-Bright Corp will display Model BH-50-PC automated finishing center. This unit features a 1/4" to 3" part dia and part lengths from 1" to 18". The 3-hp spindle accommodates up to a 12" x 3" contact wheel and 3" x 72" abrasive belt to adapt to various finishing needs such as deburring, polishing, cleaning, rust removal, or finishing any cylindrical part. The programmable control allows automatic wheel-wear compensation and adjusts part cycle times, feed requirements, spindle speeds, and various part diameters and lengths. Controls can be provided on a remote pedestal and furnished to meet specific applications. Modular design of this equipment allows one or more stations to be combined.

Rand-Bright Corp, New Berlin, WI.

Five-axis tool grinder

The Strausak 57W/CNC-5G tool and cutter grinding machine with five CNC-controlled axes produces results normally requiring six- or seven-axes controls.

Used for original tool manufacture or resharpening, this grinder produces precision cutting-edge geometry that is repeatable for 100 percent interchangeability. Rugged construction minimizes vibration.

Features include fast-response high-performance drives for precision roller-bearing slides; high-output variable-speed grinding spindle; multiple grinding operations for complete machining in one chucking; software with interactive menu; ergonomic layout of the control panel and operating satellite; and full enclosure of the work area for wet and creep-feed grinding with high coolant pressure.

Stoffel Grinding Systems, Tuckahoe, NY.

Jig-grinding converter

High-speed Planet 550 converts milling machines into jig-grinding machines. Five types of Planet attachments are available for a variety of grinding applications.

Model 550 (55,000 to 65,000 rpm) is suitable for grinding holes up to 2.36" deep with an ID of more than 0.55". It can grind IDs from 0.12" to 2.75". The Planet 500 (50,000 to 60,000 rpm) is built for internal grinding with a lathe and can grind IDs from 0.12" to 2.36". The Planet 800 (70,000 to 90,000 rpm) is made for internal grinding by jig-milling machines and lathes. Its high speed makes it good for internal grinding of small-diameter holes 0.08" to 1.18". The Planet 1500 (130,000 to 150,000 rpm) is used for internal grinding of very small holes (more than 0.02"), ceramic, and ultra-solid alloy materials. The Planet 2000 (180,000 to 200,000 rpm) also made for internal grinding of very small holes, can use diamond or Borazon.

NSK America Inc, Arlington Heights, IL.

Finishing equipment

Manual and automatic polishing, buffing, and brushing equipment for deburring, surface improvement, and gate and parting-line removal will be shown. Firm will demonstrate the K-46-6 finishing system, FF-6-2 flat finisher, and Zeta-1 and Kappa-1 finishing robots.

Hammond Machinery Inc, Kalamazoo, MI.

Internal grinder

The Voumard 110 CNC internal grinder is equipped with a wheelhead turret holding two high-frequency grinding spindles. It can also be supplied in a single-wheelhead configuration or with two parallel spindles.

This multidiameter machine can grind IDs, ODs, and faces of both cylindrical and tapered parts, with all dimensions, feeds, speeds, and dressing data entered by the operator responding to menu prompts.

The Voumard 110 CNC is suited to the job-shop environment where fast changeover, high precision, and short cycle time are required. Its capacity to handle parts up to 3.2" in both diameter and length provides the versatility to cover a wide range of production requirements for short to medium runs.

Tschudin Grinding Systems Inc, Hauppauge, NY.

Internal grinder series

The IGM-2/CNC internal grinding machine series is available with one, two, or four turret heads with one, two, or four spindles respectively. The IGM-CNC/2 and IGM-CNC/4 facilitate multiple grinding operations in one setup. All models incorporate high-speed table oscillation to maximize grinding efficiency. The workhead spindle is rigidly supported on high-precision angular-contact bearings, and the grinding spindle is oil-mist lubricated to maintain thermal stability.

Okamoto Corp, Buffalo Grove, IL.

Grinding machines

New center-type step grinder with 40" between centers is a 30-deg angular version equipped with Acramatic 760 CNC. The control uses color touch screen and pop-up windows to ease operation.

The firm offers complete grinding systems including machines, controls, wheels, fluids, applications expertise, comprehensive training, and remanufacture and retrofit services.

Cincinnati Milacron, Cincinnati, OH.

Form-relief CAM grinding

Model 3000 tool and cutter grinder is used for form-relief CAM grinding. Machine features a fixed working surface, with the grinding-wheel spindle fed to the workpiece on a precision-ground ballscrew with an antibacklash double nut. This movement, along with the leadscrew longitudinal feed, is accurately measured on 8"-dia handwheels with graduated slip rings, and on the optional DRO.

Hybco Products Inc, Mentor, OH.

Production grinder

The Schuette WU 400 CNC universal tool, cutter, and production grinding machine is a four-axis machine designed specifically for machining small- to medium-sized components.

Advantages of this precision grinder are its compact dimensions, convenient operation, and high-quality, sturdy design. It features a Granitan base for stability and freedom from vibration, roller bearings on all linear axes, work headstock with minimum-play worm drive, and swivel-and-tilt grinding head. The CNC control system is designed to meet the requirements of tool grinding. An advanced menu control system and on-screen dialogue ensure rapid and simple operation.

Transmares Corp, Carteret, NJ.

Diamond plunge dresser

High-precision system is designed for automatic rotary diamond plunge dressing of large grinding-wheel assemblies up to 30" in width. Used for centerless and multiwheel cylindrical OD grinding of camshafts, crankshafts, and other wide or multiwheel operations, this method of plunge dressing has been introduced for difficult applications on machines such as Cincinnati centerless, and Landis and Warner & Swasey multiwheel grinders.

Within seconds, the system automatically forms the grinding wheels for size, taper, and step relationship, eliminating the need for constant adjustment of form bars and table repositioning for taper. Its high-precision ball-bearing spindle has accuracy of 2 microns and comes in a choice of 80 mm, 100 mm, or 130 mm dia. This system also uses triple-barrel round-way slide design for rigidity, accuracy.

Precision Grinding Systems Div, Universal Superabrasives, Romulus, MI.

Low-rpm tool grinder

Accu-Finish tool grinders save inserts, scraper blades, box tools, boring bars, flat-face drills, geometric chasers, and other lathe tools using advanced grinding technology. The machine regrinds carbides, ceramics, CBN tools, inserts, high-speed steels, lathe and boring tools, and brazed bits--on the same set of diamond wheels.

Accu-Finish is designed to be used horizontally for lapping tools and easy wheel change. The vertical position uses an adjustable table to set clearance and cutting angles. Various diamond wheel grits allow shaping and polishing of tools. Wheel changes require less than 30 sec using an Allen wrench.

Glendo Corp, Emporia, KS.

Advanced grinding

The Format 15 CNC cylindrical grinder is an easy-to-operate, two-axis CNC cylindrical grinding machine. It's available in three sizes between centers (18", 27", and 40"), with a choice of swivel or nonswivel wheelhead.

Other grinding machines on display are: continuous-dress, creepfeed workcenter; Format 5/150 CNC surface-grinding machine; Techmaster [R] three-axis CNC grinder; Techmaster grinders with cycle-size control (models 818 and 1236); 540H and 540 precision surface-grinding machines; and a 1311 EIV cylindrical grinding machine.

Brown & Sharpe Mfg Co, North Kingstown, RI.

Tool and cutter grinder

B250 compact tool and cutter grinder fits on top of a workbench, allowing end-mill sharpening in the shop. Grinder is easy to operate, constructed from high-grade castings, precision-machined and fitted. Spindle is a reverse/forward type, and the column can swivel 360 deg. Accessories increase its versatility to handle many sharpening applications.

The B6062B grinder features anti-friction ball trackways; solid cast-iron construction throughout the base, saddle, and table; spring-loaded cushioned stops with built-in micrometer adjustment; rear crossfeed and convenient table controls; and a grinding head with six speeds that tilts [+ or -] 22 deg.

KO Lee Co, Aberdeen, SD.

Low-cost creepfeed

The Stratos [TM] creepfeed grinder is a 75-hp machine that features a 16"-wide table that is available in lengths up to 60". It comes complete with overhead diamond rotary dresser and coolant-filtration system.

The Super Brilliant [TM] ultra-high-precision surface- and profile-grinding machine will also be shown. This 15-hp machine features a solid granite base for the high rigidity and stability required for grinding ceramics and other semiconductor component materials.

Elb-Mattison Sales Co, Rockford, IL.

CNC grinding center

Model MG-40 performs complex precision cutting and grinding operations on the same machine, eliminating the need to employ a separate machine for the difficult process of grinding certain materials and contours.

Machine features a high-pressure through-the-spindle coolant system that operates between 700 to 1000 psi. The coolant nozzle is programmable by servocontrol to direct coolant flow where it is needed. This coolant system helps keep grinding wheels from getting clogged while preventing grinding-induced scorching and burning.

The direct-drive spindle configuration connects the drive motor directly to the spindle to eliminate vibration. A direct synchronized sensor with digital control is connected to the motor to provide maximum control of spindle speeds. The machine uses a high-speed tapping function, which permits tapping speeds up to 4000 rpm.

Mori Seiki USA Inc, Irving, TX.

Cylindrical grinders

Model RS precision straight and angle grinding machine is equipped with a Kelco 70 continuous-path control. The machine can be used as a straight or angle grinder by swiveling the wheelhead (manually or by programmable operation) for straight or 27-deg right-angle and 11-deg left-angle grinding. The 20"-dia grinding wheel mounts left or right of the wheelhead for additional flexibility.

Model UR has an air-assisted indexing wheelhead for OD, ID, and face grinding. Three grinding spindles are driven from a central 6-hp motor. Other features include hand-scraped precision guideways, capability to chuck heavy weights while maintaining high accuracy, and rapid traverse up to 400 ipm.

Kellenberger Inc, Elmsford, NY.

Crankshaft grinder

Fully automated crankshaft grinding system features an integrated automatic load and unload gantry, automatic size compensation, in process gaging, automatic rotary diamond dressing, and 100-hp grinding-wheel motor.

The design includes dual support of both grinding-wheel and regulating-wheel spindles, as well as a slant-bed base that maintains rotation of the unbalanced crankshaft.

Micron USA Inc, Grand Rapids, MI.

CNC OD grinding

The Quickpoint 1002 is a CNC OD grinding machine that applies only one peripheral point of the grinding wheel instead of the usual peripheral line. This machine, combined with a CBN or diamond grinding wheel, is used for OD, contour, and shoulder grinding.

Many materials can be processed, such as tungsten carbide, industrial ceramics, hardened or soft steel, and hard rubber, as well as workpieces of multiple materials.

Other Quickpoint features include grinding all workpiece contours in one chucking, reduced processing times, long grinding-wheel life, and quick change of the grinding wheel.

Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Nordrach, West Germany.

Creepfeed tool grinder

The Helitronic 35 CNC universal tool grinder features a large fixturing table, four axes, 4-hp spindle, and an integrated coolant enclosure. The machine is designed for creepfeed grinding of moderate-length HSS and carbide tools.

Standard tool probe is pneumatically actuated and machine-cycle operated for automatic tool grinding. HMC 150 multiprocessor control allows on- or off-line data input. Control offers tool-filing system and menu-aided programming.

Walter Grinders Inc, Fredericksburg, VA.

Surface grinders

Sharp SG series surface grinders feature tables that travel on ways coated with Turcite-B. These ways are six times harder than Teflon-coated ways, resulting in longer way life. Turcite-B has lower friction and higher oil-retention capacity than Teflon, resulting in smooth table movement with no drag.

Other features of the SG grinder series are: cartridge-type spindle, one-piece casting base and slideway, automatic double-nut backlash eliminator, automatic lubrication system, and wire-rope-driven table.

Sharp Industries Inc, Torrance, CA.

Through-feed grinder

The CES II through-feed surface grinder allows workpieces of varying widths to be ground in parallel guide-rail channels, providing a continuous grinding process at tolerances of [+ or -] 0.0005".

The high-precision machine features an independent grinding-wheel head and fully integrated downfeed and wheel-wear-compensation system. Die-set pins and bushings ensure rigidity in the downfeed direction while ensuring maximum stock removal. Sensitive movement and absolute parallel position of the wheel head is maintained by a timing belt and DC motor. The machine's grinding spindle is permanently lubricated and requires little maintenance.

Speedfam Corp, Des Plaines, IL.

Cutoff machine

The Type 11 machine is a precision free-standing cutoff machine that uses abrasive technology. The blades, as thin as 0.015", are fully supported before, during, and after the cut by a set of jaws that also supports the workpiece.

Clean, precise cuts are ensured by the many and varied blade specifications that are available, and also by the clamping system. This system holds both the workpiece and the cut piece rigidly during the entire cut, allowing minimum burr and bottom break out.

Specialized Grinding Systems Inc, Montville, NJ.

Cylindrical grinding machine

Model PF-43 provides CNC control of straight, angular, plunge, and traverse grinding on multiple ODs, steps, tapers, radii, and contours. The PF-43 can perform internal grinding or secondary grinding operations in the same setup.

The machine's B-axis indexes up to 180 deg and is positionable by CNC. Changes from external to internal grinding occur in a few seconds at indexing speeds of 60 deg/sec. Other controlled parameters include X-axis, Z-axis, W-axis, B-axis workspindle, wheel speed, and wheel-dressing cycles. Part lengths of 39" and 59", and diameters of 11.8" to 14" are available on four standard-size machines, with optional larger sizes.

The optional Diatronic [TM] diameter and flagging gage operates automatically during the grinding. Accuracy of 0.0000 60" or better is achieved on a diameter range from 0.4" to 9".

Sheffield Schaudt Grinding Systems Inc, Dayton, OH.

Four-axis tool grinder

The Fastgrind four-axis CNC tool grinder allows shop personnel to sharpen rotating tools without knowledge of NC programming. A menu of standard grinding routines and a highly accurate digitizing probe enable fast setups.

The menu lets operators switch from one grinding operation to another. The probe automatically digitizes the end of the tool, the diameters, and the cutting helix. A computer then translates and calculates the data.

Each of the four axes are driven by a closed-loop DC motor. The machine features preloaded guideways, antibacklash helical-gear drives, and high-speed grinding spindle.

ANCA (USA) Inc, Novi, MI.

Angular grinder

Model GA72 angular grinder features a 12 1/2" swing over the table, and 13.78" between centers. It can grind parts with diameters to 9.8". A 20-hp AC motor drives the wheel with variable spindle speeds from 16 to 360 rpm.

The GA72 is equipped with Stat hybrid bearings that ensure no metal-to-metal contact, extreme rigidity, and high-vibration damping.

Toyoda Machinery USA, Arlington Heights, IL.

Cylindrical grinder

The cylindrical grinder features hydrostatic spindle bearings, needing no adjustment or maintenance. The external hydraulic unit provides easy accessibility.

The grinder features a fully automatic cycle and separate spark-out times for both traverse and plunge grinding, with adjustable feedrates for roughing and finishing.

Hermes Machine Tool, Fairfield, NJ.

Three-mode grinder

The Nicco NSG-63-ACE-CNC is a versatile surface grinder capable of operating in three different machining modes: hydraulic surface grinding, creep-feed grinding, and COMMEC EDM/creep-feed grinding. Conversion to any of these modes is done by the twist of a lever.

The Nicco machine is a rugged, three-axis surface grinder with 8" x 20" chuck size, and adjustable-frequency 7 1/2-hp AC system powering a range of wheels up to 2" wide x 8" dia. Worm gear and rack allow precise 0.04 to 6 ipm motion with

no chatter.

Carl Citron Inc, Oakland, NJ.

Balance system

The SBS balance system is a dynamic wheel balancer for permanent installation on grinding machines. It features fully automatic operation that eliminates the need to pre-balance grinding wheels, reducing setup time.

The SBS balance head attaches to the grinding spindle in seconds with an adapter. The time-proved, mechanical-weight design dynamically compensates for wheel imbalance. Part geometry and surface finish are enhanced. Other benefits include improved service life for wheels, dressing diamonds, and spindle bearings. Balancing is done at full operating rpm, with the coolant on, and balance is maintained even if the spindle is stopped and started again.

Schmitt Industries Inc, Portland, OR.

CNC jig grinder

The 4GDN is an ultra-precise jig grinder that provides up to seven CNC axes (X, Y, Z, A, C, U, and W). The machine employs a 1-hp high-frequency grinding head and has 1700-lb work capacity. It uses a double-column design and is available with Mitsui Seiki coolant system for maximum stock removal.

The 4GDN offers travels of 24" X, 16" Y, 5.5" Z, 11.8" W, with contouring accuracy better than 0.000 080". Ten millionths minimum input resolution and linear glass scales ensure accurate machine positioning to within 0.000 040". Fanuc AC servomotors and high-precision ballscrews are used throughout the machine. Spindle speeds range from 4500 to 250,000 rpm.

Mitsui Seiki USA Inc, Franklin Lakes, NJ.

Gear-generating grinder

Niles ZSTZ-08 EG-CNC high-precision gear grinder produces a wide range of configurations, including gears with different pressure angles, addendum modifications, tip and root relief, and lead crowning.

The machine accommodates gears with a tip-circle diameter to 31.49", teeth numbering from 5 to 400, diametral pitch from 12.6998" to 1.8143", and face widths to 16.92". It's used for one-off to medium batch production, and offers accuracies to AGMA quality 14.

The gear grinder employs an IBH-Macro 50 CNC, a 16-bit, high-speed computer, mounted as a fixed workstation with a remote handheld operator panel. The CNC controls an electronic gearing system through two DC servodrives that move a precision ballscrew for longitudinal travel.

WMW Machinery Inc, Blauvelt, NY.

CNC thread grinder

Model CNC 624 grinds taps up to 2" dia. Machine is equipped with a menu-driven control for six simultaneously operating CNC axes. All parameters--such as helix angle, thread lead, flute number, straight or spiral flutes, and relief sizes--are fully programmable.

Model CNC 624 features multiple- or single-rib grinding wheels that can be dressed by diamond form rolls or universal dressing rolls for any kind of thread forms. The thread contour is parameter programmed through menu selection. Loading systems, such as magazines, cassettes, and pallets, can be adapted to customized production systems.

Bohle Machine Tools Corp, Farmington Hills, MI.

Face-grinding machine

Grinder squares ends of steel-bar stock after cutoff operations. The face grinder is faster than a surface grinder or boring mill because of greater stock-removal capability and faster setup times. The standard machine uses an 18" resinoid-bond wheel driven by a 20-hp 900-rpm motor.

Gallmeyer & Livingston Co, Grand Rapids, MI.

Inclined-bed grinder

The KC-300A centerles grinder features inclined-bed design and eight-axes CNC control. The bed design takes advantage of gravitational forces to improve contact of workpiece to workblade and regulating wheel. The improved contact provides greater rigidity during the grinding process and improved workpiece roundness. The design also improves handling of large workpieces up to 8" dia and as heavy as 200 lb.

Small-lot production will also be emphasized with this line of grinders by introducing special features for quick setup and changeover. One such feature provides quick change-over of the workblade, for different parts, through one-touch hydraulic clamping. Programmable two-axis wheel dressing eliminates the need for templates to provide different wheel shapes for different parts.

Koyo Corp of USA, Southfield, MI.

Four-spindle grinder

Overbeck internal grinding machine Model 610 I-CNC has a four-spindle turret. The turret, in connection with the control, allows grinding multiple outside and inside surfaces, as well as faces, in one chucking.

The machine features a new-generation CNC control with color CRT, graphics, CRT-guided programming, and time way diagram display. This control is developed especially for cylindrical grinding machines and is available in all sizes and variations up to 16 axes. Open software structure allows program variation for custom requirements.

Overbeck Corp, Hauppauge, NY.

Surface grinders

The Mark line of high-precision, low-cost surface grinders will be displayed by Formtechnic Inc. The range of sizes, from 6" x 18" to 32" x 120" (magnetic chuck sizes), meets the requirements of tool, die, and mold manufacturers. Double-column type machines are available with table sizes ranging from 38" x 48" up to 46" x 158".

Each double-column machine has a precision spindle running in angular contact bearings to ensure high accuracy, good surface finish, minimal temperature rise, long life, and maintenance-free operation. The totally enclosed, precision-balanced spindle motor is said to guarantee vibration-free performance.

Formtechnic Inc, Hauppauge, NY.

High-accuracy grinders

The RB series cylindrical grinding machines (RB 23, RB 32, RB 35) feature high accuracy, easy operation, and user-friendly programming that can lead to setups in 5 min.

Also shown will be the new series of Model PA CNC cylindrical grinders that feature high-power motors, rigid spindles, and wide grinding wheels for high levels of productivity. In addition, the Diahob GB10CNC gear-hobbing machine, the Diashape SC15CNC CNC gear-shaping machine, and a new automatic NC hob-sharpening machine, the Seiwa SAN-20, will be shown.

Mitsubishi Int'l Corp, Wood Dale, IL.

Cylindrical grinder

The 1632 CNC cylindrical grinder can grind a part 16" x 32". It uses a resolution of 0.000 004" for feedback from its glass scales, and 0.000 010" for a command increment. The 1632 is equipped with a full-featured GE Fanuc CNC control.

This grinder is capable of cylindrical contouring, grinding multiple diameters with an in-process gage, nonround grinding of cam lobes, and cylindrical creep-feed grinding for a variety of sheet-metal punch shapes.

Weldon Machine Tool Inc, York, PA.

Automated grinder

The Recipromatic II grinds tools and cutters at speeds of up to 50 passes/min. The hydraulically-operated grinder finishes milling cutters, end mills, gear cutters, counterbores, spot facers, and circular saws. It can be used for sharpening or production manufacturing.

The Recipromatic II grinds double angles, faces, ends, corner chamfers, and cutting peripheries. Operational modes include standard index, fast spin, slow spin, and creep feed. The creep-feed mode makes full-depth cuts at feed rates of 1 to 100 ipm. Grinder features three spindle speeds for 4, 5, and 6 in dia wheels.

Oliver Instrument Co, Adrian, MI.

Automatic crossgrinding

Sunnen automatic Crossgrinding [TM] system allows precision bore sizing and finishing. System consists of the CGM-5000 machine, CGR-7000 robot, CGM-6500 workpiece magazine, CGM-4300 automatic workholding fixture, and CGT series tools.

The core of the system is a CNC bore finishing machine featuring a multi-language touch screen that allows program setup in 15 min and storage of 100 setups.

Sunnen Products Co, St Louis, MO.

Multisurface grinders

Lectraform [R] LF1 CNC external multisurface form grinder is the smallest model in the Lectraform series. Standard LF1 models can handle parts from 0.050" to 2.047" OD. Featured will be a single-axis version with centerless tooling and automatic loading. The continuously supported, wrap-around hydrostatic slide unit with dynamic compensation is standard.

The Lectraline [R] LL1 CNC internal multisurface grinder is the smallest model of the Lectraline ID series. The loading arrangement dictates the range of the machine. Standard LL1 grinders can handle parts up to 6" OD and grind bores as small as 0.04". This machine will be equipped with a Bryant automatic linear load shoe centerless fixture, single-point dresser, and 80,000-rpm motorized wheel spindle.

Bryant Grinder Corp, Springfield, VT.

Drill-point grinder

The WinslowMatic [R] Model HR drill-point grinder offers several point geometries, such as the Winslow-Helical and Bickford points. It can handle up to 120 drills/hr.

Split points and step drills are sharpened in two operations. The machine handles drill diameters from 1/16" to 1 1/2", and grinds angles ranging from 90 to 140 deg.

Davis Tool Co, Fond du Lac, WI.

Abrasive power tools

The Dynafile [R] II abrasive-belt machine is an electric-powered tool that performs grinding and deburring in hard-to-reach areas on metal, wood, fiberglass, stone, rubber, and composites. The tool accepts specially designed contact arms to match specific applications.

Also shown will be the air-powered Dynascaler [R] machines designed for removing rust, oxide, scale, and old coatings from most surfaces. General descaling and stripping operations are also performed.

Dynabrade Inc, Tonawanda, NY

Flexible-shaft grinders

Dumore's line of flexible-shaft grinders has been expanded to three models. Each features a long-life ball-bearing motor, swivel base for bench, stationary or hang-up mounting, bronze-lined flexible-shaft assembly.

Dumore Corp, Racine, WI.

Drill resharpening

The Optima optical drill-resharpening system is known for speed, accuracy, versatility, and ease of operation. Optima's built-in optics provide comparison and verification features that allow unskilled personnel to provide dead-on resharpening results.

Precision Drill Point Systems Inc, Rockville, CT.

Drill and tool grinder

Multipurpose tool grinder uses triaxial movement as well as several attachments to increase versatility. In addition to sharpening twist drills, attachments allow sharpening of dubbed drills, split points, lathe bits, thread-cutting bits, brad points, and fishtail points.

The new Champ machine grinds modified split points (webb thinning) with notches that produce positive cutting action in the central area of the drill point.

J & A Machinery, El Paso, TX.

Flexible grinding system

Model 488 grinder is designed for through-feed grinding of cylindrical parts; infeed grinding for headed, ground, and formed parts; surface grinding; and secondary operations for setups, forms, tapers, and chamfers. Concentricity accuracy is 50 millionths or better.

Unison Corp, Ferndale, MI.

Wheel profiling center

Model CBN5 grinding-wheel profiling center is intended for off-machine trueing or dressing of CBN or conventional grinding wheels. This model can true grinding wheels from 3" to 18" dia and up to 2" wide. The CBN5 features the Formaster CNC grinding wheel profiler, variable-speed grinding-wheel spindle, variable-speed dressing.

Normac Inc, Arden, NC.

Multiple-channel processing

The Multi-Pass Spiratron MP-94-3-5 has multiple-channels for integrating with casting, grinding, machining, and stamping processes. Parts can be fed continuously, and all parts run at the same speed. Because there is 81 linear feet of travel, extended cycle times of 10 to 18 min can be achieved.

Roto-Finish, Kalamazoo, MI.

Sound-proofed deburring

Portaburr vibratory finishing units are offered in two sizes--3 and 5 cu ft--and feature a sound-reduction package for 84 dBA or less noise levels. Units will also degrease parts prior to reassembly. Features include self-contained recirculating tank with pump, tub drain with hose, media-discharge door, steel construction.

Ultramatic Equipment Co, Scottsdale, AZ.

Batch or continuous

The FMD-3LR is equally suited for batch or continuous operation. Unit is used for deburring, radiusing, edge-breaking, pre-plate finishing, and ball burnishing. A direct drive provides more finishing power, and there are no belts, pulleys, or tensioners to replace.

Sweco Inc, Florence, KY.

Portable deburring

Burr Bench portable deburring machines handle a variety of metalfinishing jobs ranging from coarse grinding to delicate polishing. They can perform operations such as deburring, descaling, degreasing, cleaning, and removing flaws.

Abrasive Finishing Inc, Chelsea, MI.

Intricate parts

The HZ-5 entry-level centrifugal finishing machine has two 0.15-cu-ft barrels (the smallest in the HZ line) and is used for finishing intricate parts, as in the jewelry or medical industries. The HZ-10 has four 0.3-cu-ft barrels and the HZ-220 has four 2-cu-ft barrels.

Also shown will be the HZ-80 with electronic variable speed (low speed for fine finishes and high for aggressive radiusing), and the ZA-50 vibratory-bowl finishing machine with a key-shaped design for improved orbital part and media paths.

Timesavers Inc, Minneapolis, MN.
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