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Grill, baby, grill.


KFC has gotten grilligion.

Its Kentucky Grilled Chicken has some 25 to 50 percent fewer calories than its fried chicken. A Grilled Breast, for example, has 180 calories, a fraction of the Original Recipe's 370 and the Extra Crispy's 490.

The Grilled Breast's saturated fat is just 1 gram, a shadow of the 5 or 7 grams in a fried breast. And sodium--though still too high--is 440 milligrams, far less than a fried breast's 1,000+ mg.

KFC's grilled chicken isn't just better than fried chicken. It's better than some other chains' unfried chicken. Ounce for ounce, Boston Market's 1/4 White Rotisserie Chicken (a breast and wing), for example, has 25 percent more sodium than KFC's Grilled Breast and Wing. And Boston Market's pieces are larger, so its breast and wing end up with 900 mg of sodium, versus KFC's 600 mg.

Of course, 600 mg of sodium isn't low. And KFC's sides add more. Our advice: stick with corn on the cob (0 rag), not biscuits, rice, mashed potatoes & gravy, potato wedges, or baked beans (530 to 880 mg). Or bring home a bucket of grilled chicken and add your own sides. Skipping the skin might also trim some salt.

"It's marinated ... then slow roasted to juicy perfection," says the Web site. That may curb the harmful compounds that can form in grilled chicken.

Now if KFC would just scale down the salt.

KFC: (800) 225-5532

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