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The Great EMANCIPATION: Contrary to multicultural, politically correct purveyors of misinformation, the Founding Fathers broke with age-old practices and provided for the abolition of slavery. Aug 24, 2020 2987
Civilizations in conflict: tension and turmoil between the West and the Muslim world have always existed, but is a catastrophic global conflict inevitable? Oct 16, 2006 2146
Looking at the end game: the proposed North American Union is a major building bloc in a plan to merge the entire world into a UN-supervised, centrally planned economy. Oct 2, 2006 2356
Are the terrorists winning? The purpose of terrorism is to intimidate targeted populations into surrendering their freedoms. How far advanced is this process in the United States? Sep 18, 2006 2194
America for sale: as our government careens toward bankruptcy, Americans are being dispossessed by the outsourcing of industrial jobs and the buyout of our infrastructure by foreign interests. Cover story Sep 4, 2006 3269
How did we get into this mess? The prospect of a regional war in the Middle East underscores the lethal futility of our interventionist foreign policy. Aug 21, 2006 1733
21st-century feudalism. Aug 7, 2006 832
Spy nation: does the vast, immensely expensive, and largely unaccountable centralized intelligence system created by the Bush administration really make us safer? Cover story Jul 24, 2006 3264
Jekyll & Hyde? The two faces of Bush conservatism: public opinion--including conservative public opinion--is turning against Bush-style "big government conservatism." It's about time. Cover story Jul 10, 2006 2930
Inflation ruins everything. Jun 26, 2006 829
Lights, camera--activism! Set to debut in theaters in July, the documentary America: From Freedom to Fascism recounts how our governmental is abandoning the constitutional framework of liberty. Cover story Jun 12, 2006 2814
Freedom filmmaker: after decades in the music and motion picture industry, Aaron Russo found his calling as a full-time activist for freedom. Biography Jun 12, 2006 1679
Line in the sky: United 93 presents an incisive parable of citizen heroism in the face of foreign terror--and the federal government's failure to protect us from it. May 29, 2006 1249
"Sinning" against the state. May 29, 2006 807
Abusing homeland authority: as it emerges as our country's first national police force, Michael Chertoff's Department of Homeland Security is becoming notorious for abuses of power--and even depraved crimes against children. May 15, 2006 2441
A walk in the Northwoods: an astonishing proposal created by the Pentagon four decades ago illustrates our government's capacity for large-scale deception--even of the American people. May 15, 2006 2236
The trouble with V: compelling and affecting in its depiction of life under totalitarianism, V for Vendetta ultimately endorses the lawlessness on which totalitarianism depends. May 1, 2006 1337
The "Geek Gap": the erosion of America's manufacturing base is undermining our research and development capacity--and, unless reversed, will lead to a shortage of hi-tech engineers. Apr 17, 2006 2456
"Great leader democracy": most Americans are disinclined to think deeply about the tyrannical actions of government, but James Bovard's Attention Deficit Democracy will open their eyes. Book review Apr 17, 2006 948
Losing service-oriented police: state and local police departments, once independent and locally accountable, are succumbing to centralized control through myriad federal grants. Apr 3, 2006 1816
Land of the free? Under legal theories currently being developed and deployed, any individual can be imprisoned, tortured, or even executed on a presidential whim. Apr 3, 2006 1893
The Homeland Security leviathan: immense, expensive, pervasively corrupt, the Department of Homeland Security is rapidly becoming a militarized menace to American liberties. Apr 3, 2006 1305
"Tough love"--or torture? Mar 20, 2006 763
Is Iran next? The Bush administration's crusade to "democratize" the Middle East is zeroing in on Iran's nuclear ambitions. The result could be devastating--but the worst need not happen. Mar 6, 2006 3107
End of the petro-dollar? Is Tehran about to deploy an economic weapon potentially more deadly than a nuclear bomb? Cover Story Mar 6, 2006 978
From killers to Christians: fifty years ago, five missionaries dated to bring the Gospel to Ecuador's fearsome Auca Indians and helped work a miracle. Feb 20, 2006 1809
The economics of empire: two books examine how U.S. foreign policy and international money manipulators are placing the United States and myriad other countries on the road to financial disaster. Book review Feb 20, 2006 1712
Slave labor: made in the U.S.A.: under the influence of disgraced super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, former House Majority Whip Tom DeLay became an apologist for slave labor camps--on American soil. Cover Story Feb 6, 2006 2805
Seeing Russia the Abramoff way: a corrupt deal brokered by Jack Abramoff led Tom DeLay to sell a critical foreign-aid vote to the Russian mob. Cover Story Feb 6, 2006 1749
Power brokers: Jack Abramoff brought together corrupt politicians, the criminal underworld, and the global power elite. Cover Story Feb 6, 2006 1996
The reconstruction racket: to understand the murderous mess Iraq has become, it's necessary to examine the festival of corporate and internationalist corruption known as the "reconstruction.". Jan 23, 2006 2355
Bring 'em home! The Iraq war is an unconstitutional, unjustifiable conflict devouring innocent lives and abetting the growth of an increasingly lawless leviathan state. It must be ended--now. Cover Story Jan 9, 2006 3346
Toward a militarist America: the framers of our republic warned of the dangers posed by overgrown military establishments. Could our nation someday succumb to a military dictatorship? Jan 9, 2006 1210
The Padilla Shuffle: preempting a Supreme Court challenge it couldn't win, the Bush administration has preserved its unconstitutional power to imprison U.S. citizens at presidential whim. Dec 26, 2005 1882
Bird flu: the Bush administration has been creating irrational fear about the dangers of avian influenza just so that they can "save" us from it through restrictive governmental powers. Dec 12, 2005 1763
From debt to dispossession: after abetting an unprecedented growth in both government and consumer debt, the Federal Reserve may be preparing to reduce the middle class to utter serfdom. Nov 28, 2005 3240
I am the law. Nov 28, 2005 803
The Harsh Truth About Public Schools. Book Review Nov 14, 2005 463
Outsourcing America: What's Behind Our National Crisis and How We Can Reclaim American Jobs. Book Review Nov 14, 2005 430
Home-Alone America: The Hidden Toll of Day Care, Behavioral Drugs, and Other Parent Substitutes. Book Review Nov 14, 2005 431
Trouble with DeLay: while the indictment of Rep. Tom DeLay may be a partisan "witch hunt," the former House Majority Leader has a lot to answer for. Oct 31, 2005 1802
Tyranny and Posse Comitatus: enacted as part of a political bargain in 1878, the Posse Comitatus Act brought down the curtain on a shameful era of military dictatorship in the southern United States. Oct 31, 2005 2960
Felt, Nixon, Vietnam. (LETTERS TO THE EDITOR). Letter to the Editor Oct 17, 2005 578
The big easy, the big prize: for centuries, New Orleans has been a strategically critical city coveted by European imperial powers and visionary American statesmen. Oct 17, 2005 2601
A posse of pretenders: have America's political leaders contracted a case of common sense regarding immigration--or is something else at work? Oct 3, 2005 2502
Behind the UN curtain: reflections on covering UN conferences and summits in Cairo, Copenhagen, and UN headquarters in New York City. Cover Story Sep 19, 2005 3094
Globalist threat to vitamins: bureaucrats attached to the United Nations are seeking to deprive millions worldwide of access to nutritional supplements. Cover Story Sep 5, 2005 2135
Paradise stolen: two hundred and fifty years ago this September, the Acadians of Nova Scotia, builders of a free and peaceful society, were driven from their land at the point of British bayonets. Aug 22, 2005 2586
Casting aside justice: by claiming the power to imprison terrorist suspects without trial, or to send them abroad to be tortured by foreign secret police, President Bush is creating precedents that imperil the rights of U.S. citizens. Cover Story Aug 8, 2005 4744
Echoes of Lenin. Jul 25, 2005 779
World government, take three: those who wish to empower a global institution with the authority to govern all people and countries have suffered repeated setbacks, but they are forging ahead. Jul 11, 2005 2024
The "global democratic revolution": behind the false flag of a worldwide campaign of liberation, the Bush administration and its allies are strengthening the institutions of global governance--including the UN. Jul 11, 2005 1916
Watergate & the weather underground: former FBI second-in-command Mark Felt, aka Watergate's "Deep Throat," was an opponent of both presidential corruption and domestic terrorism. Jun 27, 2005 1577
Braddock's inspiring triumph: when Americans had been knocked flat by the Depression, the improbable triumph of underdog heavyweight James J. Braddock, the Cinderella Man, offered our nation hope. Biography Jun 27, 2005 2918
Amnesty encore: the bipartisan fix is in for an amnesty for illegal immigrants as part of a larger scheme to build a North American "security perimeter.". Cover Story Jun 13, 2005 1794
The bloody border: escalating violent crime at the U.S.-Mexico border offers a foretaste of the bloody chaos that will ensue if the Power Elite succeeds in merging our two nations. Jun 13, 2005 1810
Get ready for the draft: with recruitment bottoming out and U.S. military commitments expanding overseas, a return to conscription looms on the horizon. May 30, 2005 1696
Global Motors: decades of corrupt collusion with the foreign-aid industry have left General Motors, once the colossus of the auto industry, facing extinction. May 16, 2005 3099
Gambling and globalism. May 16, 2005 784
Standing bear: American: after his people were unjustly evicted from their homeland in Nebraska, Chief Standing Bear--aided by one of the Army's most renowned Indian fighters--mounted a legal challenge to prove what should have been obvious: Indians were people under the law. Biography May 2, 2005 4443
Disposable children. May 2, 2005 828
Repackaging the IRS: behind its new customer-friendly facade, the IRS remains riddled with corruption and committed to prosecuting its "war" against taxpayers. Apr 18, 2005 2344
Exporting American jobs & industry: CAFTA, a forerunner of an "EU of the Americas," trades away American jobs in the name of rewarding Latin American "democracies.". Apr 18, 2005 3355
Behind the environmental lobby: it may seem stranger than fiction, but it's a documentable fact: the eco-socialist movement is financed by the super-rich as part of a comprehensive agenda for global control. Interview Apr 4, 2005 2427
Troubadour of the American West: an exemplar of the frontier life he wrote about, author Louis L'Amour celebrated the honorable individualism of the men and women who settled the American West. Biography Mar 21, 2005 3261
Sink the Law of the Sea Treaty! The Bush administration is pushing for ratification of the UN's Law of the Sea Treaty, which would give control of the oceans and their riches to the world body. Cover Story Mar 7, 2005 3605
Democracy and tyranny: using Iraq as a model, the Bush administration intends to export democracy worldwide. But as our founders warned, and Iraq proves, democracy isn't synonymous with freedom. Mar 7, 2005 2704
The harm that "good people" do. Editorial Feb 21, 2005 818
10 fallacies and rebuttals: mistaken ideas about the so-called Free Trade Area of the Americas abound. The faulty reasoning behind 10 very common misconceptions is exposed herein. Cover Story Feb 7, 2005 1915
Red Dragon's southern strategy: capitalizing on growing anti-U.S. sentiment and its huge foreign exchange surplus, Beijing is making large inroads economically and diplomatically in Latin America. Jan 24, 2005 2689
China's presence in Latin America. Jan 24, 2005 579
The WTO trap: the World Trade Organization, a Geneva-based body composed of foreign bureaucrats, will control our nation's economic destiny unless we get out--now!. Cover Story Jan 10, 2005 3323
The war party's playbook. Jan 10, 2005 805
"War on terror" depletes "domestic army". Dec 27, 2004 547
Matthew Shepard murder. Dec 27, 2004 446
The truce of God: ninety years ago, Christian soldiers separated by war reached out to each other to celebrate their Lord's birth. Dec 27, 2004 2599
Freedom's frontier: from the ocean's depths to outer space, private entrepreneurs have pioneered world-changing technologies. What more could be done if government got out of the way? Dec 13, 2004 3562
The manufactured divide: rhetoric aside, little of substance separated George W. Bush from John Kerry--and a second Bush term will do nothing to reduce the size, expense, and power of government. Nov 29, 2004 3284
TSA: thieves, spendthrifts, authoritarians: from tormenting Americans at airports to bilking taxpayers, the Transportation Security Administration has compiled a remarkable record of thuggishness and corruption. Nov 15, 2004 2257
Bursting bubbles. Nov 1, 2004 539
Borderline insanity. Nov 1, 2004 326
War is Peace. Book Review Nov 1, 2004 806
Imagining a brighter tomorrow: the key to advancing human progress is not to rely on government to provide our every need, but to limit government so that the people can produce and prosper. Cover Story Oct 18, 2004 2908
The one-party state: the Republican National Convention demonstrated that both major parties are committed to building the total state. Oct 4, 2004 2300
The "exalted we". Sep 20, 2004 791
FTAA's drug deal: NAFTA was enacted despite warnings that it would increase the already-horrendous flow of drugs into this country. The FTAA would prove to be even more catastrophic. Sep 6, 2004 2650
Demographic disaster: what would happen to the U.S.--economically, politically and culturally--after being absorbed into a regional government with the rest of Latin America? Sep 6, 2004 1470
Welcome back, McCotter. Aug 23, 2004 759
Eco-feudalism in the Adirondacks: the ability of Adirondack residents to use their own property is at the whim of an appointed commission entirely unaccountable to the people. Cover Story Aug 9, 2004 2618
Censoring America: an attempt to squelch ads for a controversial new film illustrates how "campaign finance reform" has created a new corps of federal speech police. Cover Story Jul 26, 2004 3190
A fair look at Fahrenheit 9/11: leftist Michael Moore's controversial documentary has weaknesses and omissions, yet it also gives an incomplete glimpse of the truth. And that's where we come in! Cover Story Jul 26, 2004 1427
One man against the mob: a legend in the mold of Davy Crockett, Sheriff Buford Pusser reclaimed Tennessee's McNairy County from the murderous "State Line Mob.". Jul 12, 2004 4090
Private crime vs. public policy. Jul 12, 2004 819
Perverted "peacemakers": as the Bush administration's collaboration with the UN becomes more overt, the world body is awash in scandals--from child prostitution to epic international bribery and graft. Cover Story Jun 28, 2004 2216
From Milo to Rulon: from beating an "unbeatable" foe to coming back from a tragic injury, American wrestler Rulon Gardner credits both faith and family for his persistence in getting the job done. Jun 28, 2004 2266
Reheating the "global warming" myth: spurred by an agitprop blockbuster movie, radical eco-socialists are renewing their efforts to enact the UN's Kyoto treaty--key elements of which have already been implemented. Cover Story Jun 14, 2004 3556
Behind Chalabi's decline: once touted by Washington as Iraq's "liberator," Iraqi expatriate Ahmed Chalabi is now accused of leaking sensitive intelligence to Iran. Jun 14, 2004 643
"Community" by coercion: behind the Bush administration's "compassionate conservatism" and revolutionary foreign policy is a dangerous collectivist ideology called "Communitarianism.". May 31, 2004 2918
Lessons at Abu Ghraib. May 31, 2004 818

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