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Griffin is Dandy in (213).

What does Suddenly Susan's Kathy Griffin have in common with Dandy Rio, the free-spirited actress Griffin plays in the new audiobook Misadventures in the (213)? "Basically, Dandy and I are both gay men," says Griffin dryly. "We love Hollywood gossip, and we like a good beauty pageant." Funny, since that also defines Griffin's relationship with pal Dennis Hensley, who wrote the best-selling 1998 novel Misadventures in the (213)--and who persuaded Griffin to star in the audio version along with Jack Plotnick, Gregg Rainwater, and Hensley himself.
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Title Annotation:Kathy Griffin of 'Suddenly Susan'
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Oct 12, 1999
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