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Griffin, W.E.B. & Butterworth, IV, William E. The saboteurs; a Men at War novel.

GRIFFIN, W.E.B. & BUTTERWORTH, IV, William E. The saboteurs; a Men at War novel. Read by David Colacci. 8 tapes. 11 hours. Brilliance Audio. 2006. 1-4233-1963-X. $87.25. Vinyl; plot, reader notes. SA

The authors have done an excellent job blending history and fiction. The year is early 1943. German U-boats are lurking off the Atlantic coast and sinking ships destined for England with needed men and materiel. Nazi saboteurs are creating chaos by bombing railway stations, trains, and other targets throughout the country. The Manhattan Project is still in its early stages and more scientific expertise is needed. OSS operatives Dick Caniday and Eric Fulmar, along with their boss, "Wild Bill" Donovan, are given orders by the President to take care of the spies and to bring a certain noted Italian scientist out of Sicily. Both missions are accomplished with aplomb and there are enough loose ends and unanswered questions to expect another in the series.

Colacci's fully voiced reading is excellent. His performance handles German, Sicilian, and a host of American voices with apparent ease. He does such a good job overall that he can be forgiven for muffing a few pronunciations (e.g., Chennault, Bayonne). Prof. John E. Boyd, Jenkintown, PA

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Author:Boyd, John E.
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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