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Griffin, Bethany: The Fall.

Griffin, Bethany

The Fall

Indigo, 2014, pp420, 12.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 78062 136 4

The Fall is written to compliment Fall of the House of Usher, interweaving the characters and situations to form the back story to Poe's 1839 work. Made up of short chapters titled by the age of Madeline, the protagonist, the story flits back and forth over the years almost rhythmically. The unfolding story is restrained and melancholy, reflecting the mood of the characters. The Ushers themselves are cursed, with their souls being tied to the house and vice versa. Everything they have or bring to the house crumbles and decays just as the house itself is cracked and in need of repair. Also, living in the house is a group of doctors who study the family to seek out the cause of their malady, but unbeknown to Madeline the new doctor at the house is not all he appears to be. The story builds speed and urgency as murder and madness strike. Griffin writes a truly haunting story to compliment that of Poe's and does so in a chillingly calm way.

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Author:Baskeyfield, Elizabeth
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Date:Mar 22, 2015
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