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Grid tubing systems is designed to speed installation of permafrost prevention capability. (Equipment Update).

The constant freezing temperatures that are intrinsic in freezer storage facilities often causes permafrost damage to the concrete flooring. To prevent such damage, cold storage facility builders imbed tubes under the floor through which warm liquid is pumped. Installing such tubing systems has been a lengthy and labor intensive-process.

Heatmat[R] is a seven-foot wide mat of plastic tubing, which is available in lengths up to 300 feet, and is designed to facilitate and reduce the time required for installing the under-surface piping system.

Manufactured by Calmac Manufacturing Corp., Heatmat[R] is constructed of 5/8-inch polyethylene tubes that are unified with rigid, plastic spacer strips. Heating properties can be factory adjusted for different applications by altering the tube center-to-center spacing on the plastic spacer strips. The tubes factory welded to 2 sub-headers, which are then field welded, without mechanical fittings, to the 21 feet long, 4 inch and 6 inch header pipe.

Other Heatmat[R] applications include turf freezing prevention, snow melting for athletic fields and dog tracks, sidewalks, driveways, lake-coupled geothermal heating applications as well as permafrost prevention at ice-skating rinks.

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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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