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Grid storage for socks and such.

Grid storage for socks and such

Tired of pawing through drawers, architect Larry Steiner designed and built this wall-mounted cabinet to hold socks, as well as briefs and toiletries. Now he can find what he's looking for with ease.

Steiner made his cabinet's 1-by-4 frame to match a generous 36- by 80-inch hollow-core door. (You can scale a cabinet to match your wardrobe.) He notched 3 1/4-inch-wide strips of 1/4-inch plywood halfway through at 3 1/4-inch intervals, then interlocked them in cross-lap joints to form cubicles. The cabinet is 5 3/4 inches thick, including door.

On the front of the door, he screwed two wood brackets; they anchor a pane of tempered glass. To change the artwork, he simply unscrews the top bracket.

Photo: Shallow grid of 190 cubicles displays socks for easy access; he left out top slat to accommodate toiletries. Door hides storage space and doubles as backdrop for artwork
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Date:Feb 1, 1988
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