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Greyhounds: Spreadwise: Ebony stamina means.

Byline: Jonathan Kay

I KNEW I had been working too hard when I thought Hobbs's choice might be a buy at 58 with Sporting! Seriously, there are some very short-priced runners on the card and winner-finding should not be too hard, but will Take A Tonic prove the weakest link when it comes to hopes of landing the 50 points bonus for all seven tips placing? writes Jonathan Kay.

Match bets are my favourite trading medium and IG are probably taking a chance quoting the early-paced Restless Dream's supremacy in the 8.25pn over strong Abbeyfeale Ebony at 1-2.

It looks a sell, although some caution is required as this is Abbeyfeale Ebony's first race since July 23. However, he went okay in an Oxford trial last week so the supremacy is a sell at 1 to small stakes.


CANTOR SPORT: Hotdogs 82-86; Favourites 58-62; Distances 16.5-18.5; Racing Post favourites (T5/T3/T6/T5/T6/T1/T3 - 15/5) 56-60; Trap performance (15/5/5nr): T1 25-28, T2 13-16, T3 25-28, T4 13-16, T5 28-31, T6 32-35 (already 5); 9.45pm Knockeevan Magic/Special Event -0.5ch

IG INDEX: Multitraps 81-85; Favourites (15/5) 58-62; Distances 19.5-21.5; 8.10pm Patriot Man/Field 1.25-2.25; 8.25pm Restless Dream/Abbeyfeale Ebony 1.0-2.0; 8.40pm Form Of Magic/Field 1.25-2.25; 8.55pm Kalooki Escape/Farloe Browny -0.5ch; 9.10pm Ballyvorda Class/Shopitaly 1.0-2.0; 9.25pm Silbury Amber/Great Bonus 1.5-2.5; 9.45pm Special Event/Knockeevan Magic 0.5-1.5

SPORTING INDEX: Barking Mad 78-82; Favourites (15/5) 60-64; Distances 17-19; What A Picture (races won by under one length) 1.5-1.8; Racing Post favourites (T5/T3/T6/T5/T6/T1/T3 - 15/5) 60-64

Hobbs's choice (T5/T1/T6/T3/T6/T5/T3 - 15/5, 50 bonus if all placed 1,2) 54-58

8.10pm Patriot Man/Field 2-3; 8.25pm Restless Dream/Abbeyfeale Ebony 0.5-1.5; 8.40pm Form Of Magic/Serious Dog 2-3; 8.55pm Kalooki Escape/Farloe Browny 1-2; 9.10pm Greenacre George/Rossa Ranger 2-3; 9.25pm Rosden Image/Top Party 2-3; 9.45pm Louis Saha/Field -0.5ch

8.10pm (50/25/10) Autumn Chanter 10-13, Westmead Baron 8-11, Uncle Louie 1-2, Mountway Peer 5-7, Patriot Man 39-42, Keelys Ceaser 14-17; 8.25pm (50/25/10) Abbeyfeale Ebony 21-24, Black Ebony 10-13, Restless Dream 28-31, The Parson Knows 5-7, Road Dog 13-16; 8.40pm (50/25/10) Serious Dog 25-28, Financial Reward 8-11, Xamax Xylograph 2-4, Ravilello Girl 4-6, The Knight 1-2, Form Of Magic 37-40; 8.55pm (50/25/10) Alwyns Charm 12-15, Official Boss 5-7, Take A Tonic 12-15, Farloe Browny 17-20, Kalooki Escape 24-27, Brother Jo 6-9; 9.10pm (50/25/10) Rossa Ranger 14-17, Shopitaly 7-10, Swanson Lake 1.5-2.5, Notanotherphoto 7-10, Ballyvorda Class 17-20, Greenacre George 30-33; 9.25pm (50/25/10) Rosden Image 27-30, Her Damsel 6-9, Silbury Amber 14-17, Great Bonus 6-9, Top Party 17-20, Blue Mosel 6-9; Bananas: 8.10pm 52-57; 8.25pm 17-20; 8.40pm 20-25; 8.55pm 42-47; 9.10pm 50-55; 9.25pm 20-25; 9.45pm 35-40

SPREADEX: Multitraps 82-86; Favourites (15/5) 59-63; Distances 19-21; Racing Post favourites (T5/T3/T6/T5/T6/T1/T3 - 15/5) 57-61; Trap performance (15/5/5nr): T1 26-29, T2 12-15, T3 24-27, T4 14-17, T5 29-32, T6 31-34 (already 5); 8.10pm Patriot Man/Field 1.5-2.5; 8.25pm Field/Restless Dream 0-1; 8.40pm Form Of Magic/Field 1-2; 8.55pm Kalooki Escape/Farloe Browny 0-1; 9.10pm Field/Greenacre George -0.5ch; 9.25pm Field/Rosden Image 1-2; 9.45pm Louis Saha/Field 0.5-1.5
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Sep 10, 2002
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