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Greyhounds: Letters: Happy; Ben Bonell says criticism of Sky is misplaced.

IN response to the comments made about Sky's greyhound coverage on Saturday, I have to ask, why are we already beating up Sky and the GRA for their great coverage?

Only two years ago we had to rely on one race and highlights every year for the TV Trophy. Now we have a year stocked full of racing.

Jonathan Kay moaned that the racing was not up to a high-enough standard, with a maiden included, and that the marathons involved the same stayers. Well, excuse me but isn't that a contradiction? Sky could show other marathon runners, but they might be maidens!

Also, as in premiership football, not every game is a Man Utd v Arsenal-type clash. The same applies to dog racing.

Anyway, congratulations to Les Coveney, a down-to- earth man winning the Gold Collar with Castlelyons Dani. It was well deserved.

ben bonello


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Title Annotation:Sports
Author:Bonell, Ben
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Sep 20, 2000
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