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Greycon Finds New Version of Dash Optimization's Xpress-MP is 35% Faster.

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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 23, 2004

Greycon and Dash Optimization today announce that the recently released 2004 version of Dash's market leading Xpress-MP optimization software is at least 35% faster on a range of industrial problems.

Established in the late 1980s, Greycon is a leading provider of software solutions in Supply Chain Optimisation, Production Planning, Finite Capacity Scheduling and Trim Optimization. Greycon is entirely dedicated to developing innovative software for the manufacturing industry. Its corporate aim is to help our customers develop and maintain their competitive advantage by improving management systems and overall performance, through state-of-the-art software products

Greycon and Dash have been working together for many years. The combination of Greycon's exceptional domain knowledge and mathematical modeling and optimization skills, and Dash's Xpress-MP software and support has resulted in Greycon becoming a market leader in areas such as Supply Chain Planning, Trim Optimization and Forecasting.

The 2004 version of Xpress-MP is the result of a significant R&D effort over the last 12 months. Many new features have been added which makes the solution of Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MIP) faster and more efficient. These include algorithmic improvements (such as better branching and estimation) and software engineering (such as more efficient execution and memory management). Greycon's problems are very challenging and Dash is very pleased to see that this speed improvement carries over to the most difficult of problems.

Dash is committed to year on year improvements in performance and has consistently achieved increases in speed as determined by the aggregate performance over a wide range of academic and industrial benchmark problems. When taken with improvements in hardware, the last ten years has seen speed improvements of over 3,000 times. To put this into context, a problem that used to take 4 months now takes one hour.

Dr. Constantine Goulimis, Greycon Managing Director, said, "We are delighted with the performance improvements in Xpress-MP 2004. We have a comprehensive internal benchmark consisting of over 400 problems, and we were astonished to see that the time taken dropped by more than 35%. Since this includes overheads and computations outside Xpress-MP, it means that improvement in Xpress-MP was even greater than the 35% reduction we observed. In turn, this will enable us to deliver products to our customers that are even more effective. Problems get bigger all the time and customer's expectations increase year by year; optimizer performance is an important part of remaining competitive". Alan Dormer, Director of Dash Optimization adds, "We have invested a lot in Xpress-MP 2004 in terms of development, testing and benchmarking and we are very pleased with the end product. We are confident that many more of our customers will share Greycon's recent experience".

About Greycon

Greycon is a leading provider of supply chain optimization solutions to the flat sheet industries, in particularly the paper, film, printing and converting industries. Our trim optimization solution, X-Trim (R), which uses Xpress-MP has been adopted by more than 200 installations world-wide, in all continents, except Antarctica.

For more information on Greycon see or contact Constantine Goulimis, at

About Dash Optimization

With its leading edge Xpress-MP optimization software, Dash has been at the forefront of optimization software development for more than fifteen years. Dash concentrates exclusively on software products and provides optimization software and components to end users, consultants and value-added resellers, such as systems integrators and solution providers.

Xpress-MP has an excellent reputation for solving large, real-world problems quickly and reliably. For example, Dash has become the leading supplier of optimization technologies to the process industries, traditionally the area where the most difficult optimization problems are encountered.

Through working closely with their customers and innovative algorithmic developments, Dash has remained responsive to the market's need for large scale problem solving. Dash also provides a high quality support service to help its customers and business partners get the best possible results with the products.

Dash has offices in the UK, US and Japan. For more information about Dash Optimization visit
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Date:Mar 23, 2004
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