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Gregory Baum.

I was appalled to see in the Catholic Register of Dec. 14th, 2003, a review by Gregory Baum of the book Beyond Secrecy: The Untold Story of Canada and the Second Vatican Council by Bernard M. Daly.

No one can change the truth, but Gregory Baum has habitually tried to falsify Catholic truth. He has dissented from Church teaching on contraception, premarital sex, divorce and homosexuality. He has called for a magisterium of the theologians, has attacked the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture, and was a leader in the revolt of Quebec "theologians" against the encyclical Veritatis Splendor. He has argued that "Rome's grip on the Church can be loosened by careful violation of the law."

Gregory Baum, ex-Augustinian priest, was suspended by Archbishop Pocock in 1976. On January 14th, 1978, the Catholic Register reported that he entered a civil marriage in Montreal with an ex-nun. According to Canon 2388 of the Code of Canon Law, in force at the time, he was automatically excommunicated.

Gregory Baum's review of Bernard Daly's book is a typical Baum mish-mash of lies, half-truths, and anti-Catholic rhetoric. These could all be itemized. The point I wish to make is: would it not be reasonable to expect that a book review in a Catholic newspaper be by a Catholic instead of by an anti-Catholic who has disgraced his priesthood by his conduct, teaching, and writings?

In charity, we ought to pray for the conversion of Gregory Baum.

Scarborough, ON
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Title Annotation:Letters To The Editor
Author:Foy, Vincent
Publication:Catholic Insight
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Feb 1, 2004
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