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Greg Skura, 44, president Super-Thrifty Drug Marts.

Greg Skura, 44, President Super-Thrifty Drug Marts

For a number of years Greg Skura worked in Winnipeg as a pharmacist for Metro Drugs and Tamblyn's. In 1971 he moved to Brandon to join Super-Thrifty Drug Marts as pharmacist-partner in one of its retail outlets. On the first of the year he became president of the corporation.

Super-Thrifty is the central purchasing agency for 11 Manitoba drug stores. It owns some of them outright, and ownership in the remainder ranges up to 60 per cent. As the exclusive supplier, Super-Thrifty carries a complete inventory which it distributes from its Brandon warehouse. Along with this distribution, it handles all aspects of advertising and promotion.

Skura says there are a number of instances in which growth represents problems. An example may be found at Virden, where a new store is being built on a new location. "The old location had 1,700 square feet and no room to expand, so we had to start over again with a 4,000-square-foot design," he says proudly.

PHOTO : A move from Winnipeg brought Greg Skura into his own.
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Title Annotation:Bullish on Brandon - industry in Manitoba's second largest city
Author:McGuiness, Fred
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Date:Oct 1, 1990
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